Wordless Monday..

..sebab I dont have anything to blog about, yet…


Ok lah. Update sikit.

Currently at my 23rd weeks of pregnancy.

Selera makan yang baik. Bila lapar, makan. Bila kenyang, duduk diam-diam sebab perut sendat.

Exercise? Very light excercise such as walking from the office, to the car park at least 6 times a day. During my offday, bawak Ariana cycling. House work sikit-sikit lah.

Baby? So far movement dalam perut amat aktif. Tendang kiri, tendang kanan. Kadang-kadang, tendangan rasa mcm di pundi kencing, terduduk sekejap sebab ngilu.

Managed to sew 1 dress for Ariana, which took me 2 days to finish. Kalau dulu sehari siap. Hehe.

Itu saja. Ini betul-betul update blog just for the sake of updating kan?

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