Ubat rindu Ariana

My baby girl is not feeling well.


Just after I landed in Sibu, went to the car. Mum in law was in the car while Ariana was sleeping in her lap. When I took her, she cried and vomit on me. She doesnt look ok.

After we reached home, she began to recognize my face and started to smile from ear to ear. It was a 5 minutes of touching moment between me and Ariana.

After that I gave her a bath and fed her with KFC mashed potato with just a lilttle flavor of the gravy. Glad that she ate eventhough just a small amount of it. Mum in law told me that Ariana had been refusing to eat since day before.

That night she o-oq very cair one. Just like when we got diarrhea. But she still look happy.

Abu Yah (Enchek Kedek’s aunt) told me that after I came, she looked happy and no more crying.

All of them (mum in law & aunt) were a bit relief when I came. Because Ariana doesnt want anyone else than my mum in law. So for the time being, they called me ‘ubat Ariana’.

Kesian Ariana. 6 days kena tinggal sendiri.

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