Tokyo Trip : Accomodation & Transportation

Accomodation :

Our first 2 nights were at Sheraton Tokyo Grande. It is one of Disney Resort Ambassador and very nearby to the train station to Disneyland.


The biggest Sheraton Hotel that I have ever been to. They have chapel, pool, garden and even am arcade inside the hotel. We used up Enchek Kedek’s SPG member points to stay here so I dont really know how much does 1 room cost.

After our 2 nights stay there, we moved into a homestay which I booked via Here is the link to the house where we stayed :

We spent 5 nights there for RM2300++. As you can see from the link, the house is equipped with kitchen with kitchen utensils for cooking, fridge, microwave and my most favourite, washing machine with dryer. So we dont have to go to the laundry shop and spend 1-2 hrs to do laundry.

Transportation :


We fully utilised the public transport and our feet. Hehe. We bought a Suica card, and for the whole trip, we only used below 2000 yen. It depends on where your destination is. Since that we only covered Tokyo, it wont cost us much lah. Unless if one of you lost your Suica card somewhere after your husband recharged 1000yen. #nope #notme

In Tokyo Bay, the transportation arrangement was pretty easy. Sheraton is the nearest hitel to the Disney Resort train station, 3-5 mins walk only.




For our Kawaguchi trip, we went there by bus from Shinjuku Station. My advice is, buy your tickets at least few days before the trip. We didnt. Luckily the Japanesse are very punctual. We were put on waiting list for the 9.15am bus. By 9.08, they announced our number, which means there are 4 passenger who didnt show up and their ticket was burned. Will blog more about Kawaguchi in different post.


Till then.. more stories to share 🙂

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