The Mommy Tag


1. Are you a Stay at Home Mom, or a Working Mom?

I’m a Working Mom

2. Would you have it any other way?

I have always dreamt of being a Stay at Home Mom with Maisara Marie Handmade Bags as my side income.

3. Do you co-sleep?

Yes so that I can breastfeed while sleeping.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?

Buds baby organic Calming cream. She tends to get windy easily so this cream does helps a lot.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

Enchek Kedek wants 6! InsyAllah rezeki from Allah.

6. Date night? How many nights per months?

No date night for this time being. We rather spend our time together at home.

7. Your child’s favourite show?

Entertainment from her Kakak Mai.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Body support pillow for stroller/car seat.

9. Your child’s favourite food?

Nasi & Fish for Ariana and Breastmilk for Sofea.

10. How many cars does your family have?


11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during and after and now?

I gained 12kg during pregnancy, lost 10kg on the 2nd week after delivery and gained about 2-3kg now.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?

For now, just stick to somewhere in Malaysia.

13. Dream holiday without your kids?

I cant imagine leaving my kids behind!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

Lets just say that I am still catching up my momentum managing 2 kids. (And that explains the lack of updates in this blog)

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see … ‘

Sofea pulling off Ariana’s hair while Ariana screamed for help..

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Online, offline.. Anywhere anytime..

17. Favourite makeup and skincare products?

I dont have time to even think of it. Ask me again after 1 year. Maybe I’ll be using expensive skincare by then due to not taking much care on my skin now.

18. Huggies or Pampers?


19. Have you always wanted kids?


20. Best part about being a mom?

Knowing that there are 2 little girls who will turn to me everytime they need their diapers to be changed, bump to be washed, stomach to be filled & cash machine for their endless needs of new toys. Im a happy mommy!

I am tagging :

Puan Azmah

Dimple Hamidon

Vanessa Arianne

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