Terima kasih Cinoi

Managed to download Windows Live Writer succesfully without hubby’s permission.. sebab ini laptop dia kan..

Will let him know.. once dia bangun dari tidur.. if I remember..

Oh.. terima kasih Cinoi tu sebab she’s the one yang guide me..

I was asking her on FB chatbox how she did the cancel thingy..

Cancel macam ini…

She told me that she was using Windows Live Writer.. Rupanya wujud jugak benda macam ini..*tepuk dahi*

Sedang saya menaip post ini, sambil2 tu jugak explore-explore writer ni..

Betapa kampungan nya saya..

Siok jugak sebab dapat pakai jenis font macam-macam..


Upload gambar pun sekejap ja.. and noticed the watermark?

Nantilah I kasi improved lagi.. itu try2 ja..

Cuma not able to put emoticon..

Maybe I just haf to insert it from blogspot itself..

bah.. wanna enjoy my exploration dulu..

Thanx Cinoi..

*Suda masuk emoticon dari blogspot itself..

2 thoughts on “Terima kasih Cinoi

  1. ok..ok..
    You google for Windows Live Writer.. Download it.. after done with the downloading, u go to START,PROGRAM and look for the newly installed WINDOWS LIVE and click on WINDOWS LIVE WRITER.
    After that, there will be steps for you to follow in order to link the Writer to your blog..
    After its done, you can explore its function urself.. Quiet easy.. Try it..

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