Starting fresh


I started writing again.

After I renewed my domain.

But this time, for real. Because, we finally have our own personal laptop after for so many years not owning one. It is so hard to blog from phone.

And last weekend, husband and me re-arrange our bedroom. So we have extra space for a working desk. I used this working desk for my mengaji session, and now, to update my blog. Yeay!

SO every year, when it is time for me to renew my blog, I always have the thought of just not keeping this blog anymore. But Enchek Kedek insisted me to keep it because, I shared a lot about Ariana and our life before marriage, after marriage and after anak satu.

Oh just to recap, Binikedek sudah ada 3 orang anak.

And this blog just turned 11 years old today.

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