About BiniKedek

I am not a writer. But I like to write. Write blog seja bah. I write in my own style, in my own preference of language depends on my mood.

My main intention of having a blog is so that one day, when Im old, I can laughed at what and how I ‘was’ in my younger days.

Other stuffs about me are:

  • Im pure Sabahan. Kadazan to be more specific but dont ever try to speak kadazan to me, or I’ll pretend that you’re not talking with me.
  • I was born on 11 March 1985. So that makes me 30 this year.

  • I am married to a wonderful tall, not-dark-but-fair, loving husband, Zainuddin. I addressed him as ‘Enchek Kedek’ in my writings. He is from Sibu, Sarawak.

  • We have 2 daughters, Ariana Maisara and Isabella Sofea. Gadis-gadis kacukan Sabah Sarawak.
  • We are currently residing in Bintulu MIRI!!!


Story behind my blog name:

The name BiniKedek might not sound very commercial and more like kampung-kampungan.  I thought of using this name when I usually addressed my self as ‘tunang kedek’ when I went to Enchek Kedek’s brother wedding back at Sibu years ago. Started from that moment, I vowed to myself, as soon as Tok Kadi said ‘SAH’, I’ll use ‘BiniKedek’ as my blog name. ^_^

Mommy-Made :

This is a brand tag for the dresses that I made for Ariana. I love sewing dresses for her and I am pretty sure that Ariana loves it too. Well, I do most of the wardrobe choice for her everyday 😛

Maisara Marie Handmade Bags :

Is a brand tag for my handmade bags. For me, this is the most expensive hobby that I have but fully supported by Enchek Kedek. I sew bag almost every week for me. Then I realize that I dont need that many bags, but I still need to sew bag every week (???). So yeah, orders are open. You can always visit my FB page. Just type Maisara Marie Handmade Bags.

6 thoughts on “About BiniKedek

  1. plz write more n more…hihihi…ainaa sgt suke bace ila punyer blog n da jd follower yg tegar…hahaha…luv it…sgt lucu, comel n mmg terapi for me yg slalu stress…hahaah

  2. adik sangat lah berbakat..suka akak melihat aper yg adik buat..akak jugak ada minat yg sama..maybe nanti bole share sesama kita..harap sudilah kira nyer ye..

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