Potty Training Ariana

We started quite late just because we didnt think Ariana is ready to say bye-bye to her diapers yet, but, recently she started to request to do her business in the toilet. Lalu sepantas kilat, kami memulakan journey potty training Ariana.


I used the merit system, whereas, whenever she managed to use the toilet, she will be rewarded with the pink sticker. Once in a while, I will give her the Mickey Mouse sticker as a ‘special recognition award’ for her potty training achievement. Bukan main lagi ya. Macam orang kerja kerang seja ada SRA. But whenever she accidently wet herself, one pink sticker on the sad face column. This system somehow works, and Ariana appreciate every sticker that she got and really cried like theres no tomorrow when I gave the sticker on the sad face.

There was one day where she accidently wets herself. I gave her the pink sticker on the sad face column and she started crying and said, ‘no toys for meeee…. no toys for meee..’. Syukurlah nak faham system merit/dimerit ni.

But, every achievement must comes with a reward. And as a reward, she requested for a toy.

A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toy…

Me & Enchek Kedek memang bukan jenis suka memaksa. Biarlah Ariana sudah ready betul, baru start train dia pakai toilet. Bukannya senang mau cuci rumah everytime Ariana terkencing without diaper.


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