Pinanonanonano ~

I enrolled Ariana to a piano class last February. She has shown her interest in piano since she was 4 years old (that was when we bought her a toy piano).

The picture I used to pancing Enchek Kedek to give green light to buy a piano for Ariana. Thats the toy piano that we bought duluu..

The plan was to enroll her first and see how was her progression. Suprisingly, she always received good comment from her piano teacher (ketara jarang bukak report book due to penggunaan ‘surprisingly’ di dalam ayat). Her piano teacher even asked me whether we have a piano at home because Ariana played and memorized very well.

Then the we-should-get-a-piano episode started..

Both me and Enchek Kedek do not have any knowledge on piano so we started asking our friends who played one and we came into one conclusion, i.e. to buy her a digital piano. The price was okay and we were ready to buy one when her teacher told us that soon, when Ariana got her Grade 5 in piano, she needs to change into an upright piano. Gulp. Then we went home to have another series of discussion. So we think hard and we think long, ok lah.. Sampai bila mau berfikir. So last Tuesday, we bought one for her.


As an appreciation for reading this entry sampai habis, Ariana belanja satu lagu.. But unfortunately, after few attemps to upload the video here, nda dapat pulak.. jadi belanja satu gambar ja lah.. hehe


Fairy tales and Folks Tales Character Day

Tadika Ariana ni best. A lot of activities. Minda berkembang. Parents pun turut serta. Ikut aktivity held by the tadika.

So last month, ada fairy and folk tales character day. Since that Ariana sudah boleh membaca, I wanted her to be the character of the book that she can read. Went to the book store and mula memilih buku yang costume nya mommy dapat jahit sendiri.. Hehe..

Setelah berungkus lumus dengan kerja last minute mommy pegi membeli kain awal pagi (jam 8 okaaayyy.. Nasib kedai sudah bukak), menghantar MIL pegi airport balik Sibu dan menjadi very full time house wife, akhirnya siap jugak costume ni jam 11 malam. Eleh.. Ingatkan sampai jam 3 pagi menjahit.


Tadaaaaaa… Oh patutlah sampai jam 11 ja menjahit. Very simple design. Asal memenuhi syarat emas-emas tu. So her character was King Midas. But she wanted me to call her Queen Midas. Baiklah.

Reading to her classmates.

Ariana with her Marissa and Mikhail.

Ok lah. Mommy puas hati walaupun baju tu ada besar sikit for Ariana. As long as shes happy. Oh ya.. I made the crown my self as requested by the queen, she wanted colourfull hearts on it.

Sewing project.. Bring it on!

After 9+ months + 10 months, I am finally back to my sewing studio. Did some (some?) cleaning and ready to start sewing.


The Bryn Romper by My Little Plum Cake from Etsy.

And this is the most proper picture that i have. Sofea refused to be photographed with her new romper because she was busy watching Hi-5.

I can feel the sewing mojo kicking back in after this simple project and also after endless jealousy of Kak Nin’s sewing project for her girl.

My next project in line are :
1. Ariana’s Gawai themed dress. Bought batik Sarawak from Ronreng. Many designs to choose and cheap!
RM14 for 2 metres. I love the batik-ish ikat-ish design.

2. Hubby’s boxers. Last time I sow for him was 2 years ago and I glad I did because shop-bought boxers could only last him for 2-3 months while Binikedek’s Sewn with Love boxers lasted for 2 years! which reminds me of my final touch for my label. Biasalah si Binikedek ni. Apa-apa yang di jahit semua mau ada label. Im designing one specially for my hubby’s boxer so that he knows mana depan, mana belakang.. hehe..

Misi 10kg

Recently kan ada viral sekejap about this one website that can guess your agae. then kita pun terus kunun2 upload lah gambar dengan harapan muka kita detected younger than our actual age.. kan? kan? kan?

Iya 😛

So saya pun tidak membuang masa.

Mula-mula update gambar selfie paling latest pakai Bokitta and contact lense kaler-kaler..


Age detected : 30
Terkejut macam tidak dapat terima kenyataan. Then tersedar, betullah 30. This year I am already 30 years old. Masih perasan 20-an (please lah Sheila..)

Then try upload gambar sebelum pregnant Sofea.


Serta merta dapat membuat conclusion.

10 kgs ago, I looked 7 years old younger.



So I started back excercising and detoxing hoping to loose all those flabby fatty. Besar rupanya impact main saja-saja teka umur ni kepada saya.. huh..



Isabella Sofea.. She will be 9 months in few days times. Yes. How time flies kan?

Her cheeky smile kan never failed to make my heart melts like kek cheese leleh. She likes to imitates us especially when answering phone calls. Asal jumpa apa2 barang, cepat2 letak di telinga and konon2 nya tengah bercakap on the phone.. Clever girl..

This morning when we woke up, she did the ‘answering phone’ act again and I was suprised because she actually said ‘hewwow’. Alahai anak.. Lucu banget~

Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang solehah. Taat kepada Allah & ibu bapa..




Macam biasalah..

Tiba-tiba teringat ada blog yg every year di bayar..

Tiba-tiba teringat sudah lama tidak update blog..

..dan ingin mengupdate blog..

InsyAllah akan di update dengan lebih kerap kalau banyak masa lapang..

The Mommy Tag


1. Are you a Stay at Home Mom, or a Working Mom?

I’m a Working Mom

2. Would you have it any other way?

I have always dreamt of being a Stay at Home Mom with Maisara Marie Handmade Bags as my side income.

3. Do you co-sleep?

Yes so that I can breastfeed while sleeping.

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?

Buds baby organic Calming cream. She tends to get windy easily so this cream does helps a lot.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

Enchek Kedek wants 6! InsyAllah rezeki from Allah.

6. Date night? How many nights per months?

No date night for this time being. We rather spend our time together at home.

7. Your child’s favourite show?

Entertainment from her Kakak Mai.

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Body support pillow for stroller/car seat.

9. Your child’s favourite food?

Nasi & Fish for Ariana and Breastmilk for Sofea.

10. How many cars does your family have?


11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during and after and now?

I gained 12kg during pregnancy, lost 10kg on the 2nd week after delivery and gained about 2-3kg now.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?

For now, just stick to somewhere in Malaysia.

13. Dream holiday without your kids?

I cant imagine leaving my kids behind!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

Lets just say that I am still catching up my momentum managing 2 kids. (And that explains the lack of updates in this blog)

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see … ‘

Sofea pulling off Ariana’s hair while Ariana screamed for help..

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Online, offline.. Anywhere anytime..

17. Favourite makeup and skincare products?

I dont have time to even think of it. Ask me again after 1 year. Maybe I’ll be using expensive skincare by then due to not taking much care on my skin now.

18. Huggies or Pampers?


19. Have you always wanted kids?


20. Best part about being a mom?

Knowing that there are 2 little girls who will turn to me everytime they need their diapers to be changed, bump to be washed, stomach to be filled & cash machine for their endless needs of new toys. Im a happy mommy!

I am tagging :

Puan Azmah

Dimple Hamidon

Vanessa Arianne

(Modal untuk update blog, ohkay?!)

Baby Wearing

As a heads up, here’s a few guidelines on choosing the right carrier for your baby. Source from FB Group Malaysian Babywearers.


So, it all started when Sofea was born. Bahaha.. Ok. Seriously. It all started when I started to shop for baby stuffs via instagram. The first carrier that I bought was Boba Wrap. Worn few times only indoor and once outdoor in an airconditioned room a.k.a shopping mall~. Sofea didnt really like it. Or was it me who didt really know how to wrap her.

Then, I bought Autumnz Ring Sling. Sofea ok pulak. But I dont like the material sebab panas. Maka, mula lah jari jemari scrolling up and down for new ring sling. A friend recommended Jumpsac. So i went through their website and found what I want but unfortunately sold out pulak.

Jumpsac Jacquard Damask in Turquoise/Fuchsia


But I bought this instead sebab pattern damask tu suda habis.
Rainbow BowWow Ring Sling

Tiada gambar full. Sipi-sipi ja. The best thing about ring sling is, bila baby sudah tertidur, macam Sofea lah. Tidur sambil ternganga mulut. Memang perasaan tidur dalam womb lah tu. Warm and comfy.

A week after that, long distance partner in crime in babywearing ni tag me in a fb post of Malaysian Babywearer FSOT page (for sale or trade). Ada orang mau jual dia punya jacquard damask ring sling, just like the one that I want. Tanpa berfikir panjang terus saya beli.


Akibat tanpa fikir panjang itu, I have to let go my boba wrap and autumnz ring sling. Seeing them lying around the house ‘un-usd’ makes me feel guilty. Managed to sell both and ready to serve their new owner.

Now that I have 2 ring sling, rasa mau hari-hari jalan supaya dapat babywearing. Keluar pergi beli beras pun asi.

Cerita Ariana


Lama suda x tengok gambar Ariana kan? Sumandak suda..

Ada cerita..

Suatu hari, ketika mengambil Ariana di sekolah..

Ariana : Mommy.. i love Khalif. He is my boyfriend. I want to marry him.
Mommy : Mai paboleh (tak boleh) marry. Mai is still a little girl.
Ariana : But he smells soo good.
Mommy : huhuhu

Pada hari yang berlainan, ketika mengambil Ariana di sekolah..

Cikgu : Kak.. Tadi Ariana nangis.
Mommy : Kenapa?
Cikgu : Sebab nya terpijak kaki Khalif and Khalif report dengan kamek.

Me, looking at Ariana..

Mommy : So, is Khalif still your boyfriend?
Ariana : Nooo!! I dont like him.
Mommy : hehe

Bila fikir-fikir balik, dari mana lah Ariana dapat tau perkataan ‘marry’ tu. Fikir punya fikir, rupanya itw as from me. Ariana tengok gambar kahwin kami and tanya kenapa berpakaian macam tu? Saya jawab sebab ‘papa marry mommy’. Then, dia tanya lagi kenapa, Enchek Kedek jawab ‘because papa love mommy’. Dari situlah kanvas putih Ariana di calitkan dengan perkataan ‘marry’.

Di sebabkan perkataan ‘marry’ tu jugak timbul kekeliruan..

Papa : What is your name?
Ariana : Ariana Maisara binti Zainuddin
Papa : Papa’s name?
Ariana : Zainuddin.
Papa : Mommy’s name?
Ariana : Sheila
Papa : Mommy’s full name is Nur Sheila Marie Gilbert.
Ariana : Nooo.. Mommy sik ‘marry’ Gilbert. Mommy ‘marry’ papa!

I Love BF


Dulu kan.. Duuulluu lah masa Ariana masih baby. Dia kan minum FM. And that time jugak aku macam irritated sikit dengan BF mothers who likes to brag about breastfeeding. Upload gambar menyusukan anaklah.. Upload gambar hasil harvesting lah.. Cerita pasal BF lah.. Irritated lah.

Now, aku BF Sofea and I am becoming more and more of that ‘IRRITATING MOTHERS’ suda. Haha. Ketawakan diri sendiri. Rupa-rupanya siok BF ni. Apalagi kalau time2 hasil tuaian yang banyak. Bangga dgn diri sendiri. Balik2 gambar botol penuh and hantar mesej sama laki. Nasib laki penyabar.

Lepas tu, kalau ada kawan yang sedang atau x dapat fully bf, tiba2 aku pandai bertukar menjadi lactation-consultant-jadian. Dengan ilmu yang seciput pun ada hati kan. Tapi itu sebab I CARE. Ok lah.. Janganlah kamu irritated sama aku pulak.

Enchek Kedek cakap, BF ni super bagus. Nda payah keluar duit untuk beli FM. Botol susu pun ada satu ja. Duit banyak keluar untuk bagi si mommy makan makanan yang banyak health benefits ja. Lain entry kita cerita pasal my food diet.

Ok now, siapa ada jual tshirt I LoVe Breastfeeding? *Overr pulak