Nadai Tajuk

Yesterday I was happy.. Today, Im almost super duper extravaganza happy.

I managed to finish my 29 elements of competency. Im done with the compiling last night and ready to hand the file to my boss this morning. Syukur Alhamdullillah.

And our boss from Operation side came to my department last night and asked me to do the Level 1 Process Competency, which only consists of 10 elements, which very fortunate for me because Enchek Kedek had already done it. Boleh lah refer-refer.. Keluarga kan.. :)))

At this point, few of my collegue were saying, ‘ tidak payah lah buat..alang-alang..mau kena take over sudah’. I dont know. I cant live with people with this kind of thinking. They should understand that Si Baju Kuning will only take over our current plant, not the whole company. There will still be hope position (astaga..pathetic nya ayat ‘hope’) in other location of our company.

But then, those people were actually worried. Tipulah nda risau. Even I myself worried. But that is part of Qada’ & Qadar. All we can do pray to Allah and at the same time, struggle more.

Macam tipu ja kan entry ni.. Permulaan entry gembira super duper.. Yang akhir-akhir ni ada bunyi sedu sedan pulak.. hehehe..

Anyway, today ialah ‘Penentuan Day’. There will be an engagement session with the big boss regarding the nasib of orang-orang Encik Kerang di Bintulu & Labuan.

I hope the result will be as what i’ve been praying for. Amin….

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