My New Toy :)

So the title says it all.. 🙂


This came in the mail last week, when I was already anxiously waiting for it.


We ordered it from applestore online, so that we can get the engraving, and yes, its free 🙂


The Hello Kitty Ipad Mini Case that I bought a week earlier because the shopkeeper kind of treatening me by saying, “saya tidak tau lah kalau ini colour masih available by the time u punya ipad sampi”. Demmm.. Terus beli!


And see, how cute the mini ipad is!

All the features of the ipad mini are still the same as Ipad 3, only the size is FUN-er & lighter.

And because of this, I ordered an ipad-like learning toy for Ariana so that she wont rebut with me 🙂


Vtech Innotab 2, that features a motion game, learning activity, big memory capacity & external SDcard memory slot to put in music & movies annndddddd a 360 rotating camera. Dasyat mainan budak sekarang. Purchased it online from UK Amazon, brought back to Malaysia by Enchek Kedek’s cousin and I saved about RM200 from buying it locally. Hehehe.

YES.. I am that SMART in spending money 🙂

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