My Bubblegum Hobo bag

My Bubblegum Hobo Bag was released on the 28th Dec. Refer here. And I reached the 10th bag sewn by me after 1 month, which for me was a pretty good achievement since that I just started.

Salmon Pink Bubblegum ordered by Cinoi & Mellona.

Mustard Yellow ordered by Ica, Keyya & Asnida.

Salmon Pink + Purple ordered by Kak Nibung.

Salmon Pink + Camel Brown ordered by Lisa. Colour combination idea by Lisa.

Salmon Pink + White ordered by Joanne. Colour combination idea by Joanne.

Black ordered by Dewi.

Mustard Yellow + Camel brown ordered by Kak Nibung (2nd order). Colour combination by Kak Nibung.

Thank you all for the ‘Likes’ on FB, the comments, supports and of course, orders. And also thank you for the feedback for me to improve on the bag. I appreciate it all.

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