My 2013

Although is is already February, but, this entry had been a tradition for binikedek since years ago. So here it goes :

1. Got promoted.
2. First time in my life voting for GE13.
3. First time leaving Ariana in KK for 2 nights and went back to Miri to work for 2 nights.
4. Bought my self a mini ipad.
5. Started eating healthy & excercise for the weight lose challenge organized by Enchek Kedek.
6. Celebrate Hari Raya in KK after 2 years in a row celebrating it in Sibu.
7. Won RM500 for GOCC logo competition.
8. Bought my self a new car.
9. Got pregnant!!!
10. Morning sickness attack. Admitted twice to the hospital. Longest MC that I ever had. 1st-20th Nov.
11. Held a birthday party for Ariana.
12. Went to Borneo Rainforest Waterpark for the first time after settling down in Miri for 3 years.
13. Made new friends.
14. My IPF increased by 0.2.

Syukur Alhamdulillah for everything that I achieved in 2013 And hoping for the best in 2014 for me, my family and friends. Dunia & akhirat.

Happy New Year!

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