My 1st time…

In getting a driving license!

I wanted to start my driving lesson when I was in form 5 because most of my friends have already gotten their license and I dont want to be left behind. Talking about pengaruh rakan sebaya! :p But my dad didnt allow me. Hehe.

So, I started my driving lesson after SPM. The instructor was a chinesse guy, which from my view, was mata duitan. He insisted to bring me to Keningau, Sandakan and other place outside KK just to test my driving skill. Longer distant means longer hours means makin banyak duit! Bijak kan? But Im more bijak. Saya kelentong dia yg saya mau pigi sambung belajar sudah. Terus hujung minggu tu boleh pulak terus pegi test. Padahal sebelum banyak betul halangan.

I wasnt told that I need to wear shoes in order to enter the exam room. So pihak JPJ telah menghalau saya from the exam room. I panicked. Sudahlah jauh dari rumah. Mana mau cari kasut? Then ada orang offer kasi pinjam kasut and that time, I didnt even think of kudis kah, kuman kah apa kah dlm kasut tu. yang penting paper test. But when I think of it again, YAIYYYYY!!!

Anyway, I passed the paper test with flying shoes eh colours. Next one was the bukit, 3-point turning, parking & on road test. On that day, I missed my turn (saya antara org yg terawal di panggil utk test bukit). So I have to wait sampai habis semua orang, baru start balik with my name. Adalah lebih kurang SATU HARI menunggu. Tapi tidak apa because while waiting, I overcome my panick-ness, takut-ness, risau-ness & build up my self confidence after watching people failed on the test. Hehe. And i did enjoyed laughing at them :p.

I passed all the test and I was sent home by my driving instructor. My dad saw us from a far and thought that I failed sebab the instructor yang drive tu kereta.

As soon as I got my license, dad put me on test. Driving the non-power-steering Saga on the highway in front of our house, petang-petang and me not wearing my glasses. Hebat kan? Three words from my dad, ‘SAKIT JANTUNG SAYA’. After that, dad didnt allow me to drive EVER! Or at least, whithout him in the car. On the other hand, my brother always asked me to drive pulak. Hehe

After that, I went to Kuching to study. In my group of girl-friends, there are only 2 person with driving license, while the others are more to treating you as a driver. But Im okay with that. At least I can polish my driving skills. We rent car and we jalan-jalan :p.

Then I went back to KK for good, while menanam anggur waiting for job. After 1 month, I moved to Miri to work, and definately need a car. So I told dad my intention of buying a car, and the only car that he let me buy is Kelisa. Other than that, bayar down payment sendiri. So I bought Kelisa Imago (hahahaha tamau rugi). Sometimes Green, sometimes Silver. Tagline Imago tu.. Haha!

So that was my story of ‘My first time..getting a driving license’. How about yours?

5 thoughts on “My 1st time…

  1. saya dapat driving lesen when i was 24. And it was “paling menakutkan” pnya pengalaman. Dalam byk2 test/exam – test JPJ lah yg buat saya mcm mo birak, kencing dan segala macam ketakutan. But, with one try/test I had passed and get my driving license!
    a month after that i bought a Kancil – full loan ni. Hehe.

  2. I got my driving licence di Kelantan after 4 years of illegal driving suka hati round kelantan.

    1) 2 days before JPJ test, I was FINED for not having driving licence, kena tangkap pak JPJ. hahaha.. itulah.. ketulahan kan.. :p

    2) pastu cakap sama driving instructor yg sy xpandai drive kunun, pastu dia perli “wah, tak pandai drive tapi pegang stereng seblah tangan ye?” kuang3…

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