Langkawi Part 1

Tujuan ada Part 1 & Part 2 supaya I know when to stop writing. Kalau tidak, entry panjang berjela-jela.

Me & my collegues went to Langkawi for meeting & team building. I was on my last night shift, and flown on the first flight 6.50 am to KL the next day. Went back home @ 4 am, mandi2 & siap2, fetch Adeline at the office (after her handover to day shift) and off to the airport.

I slept during the 2-hours flight to KL and thanked god that we are travelling on business class. More space and able to sleep comfortably kunun. Hehe. Reached KL and waited for 1 hour plus before our flight to Langkawi.

That was my first time going to Langkawi and I did some googling to check on their nearest shopping mall. Memang sudah kaki shopping, harus cari mana shopping mall lah. But, Langkawi is more less like Labuan, only bigger and choices for shopping lebih luas sikit.

Touch down Langkawi, off to the chartered bus and off to the hotel. We stayed at Four Points by Sheraton which is only 10 minutes (lebih kurang) away from the airport. Registered ourselves, check into our room and wait for the next activity @ 4 pm.

The seaview adalah sangat menarik. Didnt really get the chance to jalan-jalan by the seaside due to packed schedule. After the activity on the first day, we took a cab and off we go to the nearest pekan i.e. Pantai Chenang. About 15 minutes drive. It was a new tourist attraction punya site where they have 1 shopping mall and a lot of stalls tepi jalan raya. Suasana nya lebih kurang macam night market di Batu Feringgi, Penang. We went to the mall to get supplies of sunblock, mosquito repellent & my air contact lense. And we did some shopping on chocolates. Saya beli sikit ja. Kuantiti yang yang mampu habiskan, because di rumah, only me & Ariana yg makan chocolates.


This is the only picture that I took on my first day. Itu pun pakai camera henpon seja. I know I have few more pictures from Adeline’s camera.

Back from Pantai Chenang, went back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, saya bertungkus-lumus mandi & went down again for group discussion for our performance on Hawaiann Gala Night, and that was the end of my day 1 in Langkawi.

PS : I forgot to bring my travelling telekung and I had hard time finding one there due to the location of the hotel yang jauh (about 30 minutes untuk sampai ke pekan Kuah) and tiada orang jual telekung di pasar malam Pantai Chenang. And I do what I have to do, improvising my oversized pyjamas, big shawl & socks.

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