Growing up with Ariana (at 5 in the morning)

This little girl woke up before mommy’s morning alarm.

Mintak nenen. So mommy buatkan nenen. Then, resag gelisah berguling-guling atas katil sampai mommy rasa serba salah & tengok jam, rupanya sudah 5.20 am.

So I sent her to mama while me bersiap untuk kerja.

After that, sunyi pulak because before that she was crying.


She was crying n mama asked, ‘mamam?’ then she stopped crying.

Mama put her on her new IkEa baby chair (iya..sebab tu luggage kami overweight..), bukak a napkin and koyak kecik-kecik bread and simpan atas napkin tu. Jangan pakai piring. Habis ja piring tu tunggang terbalik.

And there she was.. Picking up the bread one by one and mamam.

Layan diri.. Hehe :p

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