Growing up with Ariana

Hari tu, during Ariana’s school Graduation & Concert (which I have not blogged about yet), there were slideshows prepared by the teachers focussing on parents awareness on developing their child.

Pendek kata, the main thing you as the parents have to do is to communicate, respond with your child.

Enchek Kedek & me are well aware of our kesibukkan working. So whenever we have the chance to bring Ariana out for activity, we’ll do it. Even as simple as watering the plants , where Ariana usually over flooded my flower pots -_-“. But, she knows that plants needs water :).

These are few pictures of Ariana and her activity during our 4 days off 🙂

We brought her to the beach few days ago.


Let her play with sand.



Brought her to Dinotrek and let her dig out the fossils.

Bought drawing book and a new set of pencil colours and an activity book for her. I can see that she is really into drawing by the look of her almost damaged drawing book (too many drawings?) and mural on our walls T_T


Mommy’s purple elephant 🙂

Last but not least, introducing her to a new method of transportation.

Papa.. Papa.. Push!!! Push!!!

* Planning to have a baking session with Ariana using my mini cupcake/muffin maker and to decorate it together 🙂

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