Growing Up with Ariana

I bought story books for her.

I wanted her to ‘like’ reading like her Ayie. I used to like reading. But that was wayyyy before I knew about internet.

I used to follow my mama to the library and borrow books. Our house was near to the library. When I was in primary school, I went to the library every day. Tapi tidaklah sampai jadi Pustakawan di sekolah just because I like reading.

So I think the best way to ‘pupuk’ the interest of reading is to read stories for her.

And to my suprise, when Im doing other things, she still came and belek-belek her books, which is good, kan?

Of course lah she doenst know how to read yet. But picture tells a millions stories kan?


But I forgot to tell her that books are note meant to be eaten.


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