Father and daughters day out..

Instruction : Prepare a simple summary based on the picture given.


Ica ialah budak gemuk..

Seorang sales assistant sedang memaksa passer-by to buy their product..

ok.. this time serious suda..

Ica was happily and modestly dragging Dad into Harris to claim her x’mas gift, which she was not entitle for anymore..

As you can see, Ica’s tough muscle able to compete with Dad’s tough muscle also, and managed to dragged Dad into Harris..

Kesian.. I know that Dad dont have the heart to let his daughter cry meronta-ronta-sambil-berguling-guling-macam-tenggiling-atas-lantai-naik-turun-escalator in front of Harris..

And she managed to get this.

While me, on the other hand, was actually in dilemma choosing the right book of ‘Parenting tips"’ or should i say, ‘Tips for Dummies in Parenting’.. But the so-called dilemma ended by Dad who forbid me (wah..ayat!) to buy those books and asked me to refer online instead..

So I get myself this,

17122009629 A purse size 2010 planner.. yeah.. I know.. My company usually provide us with a planner/diary which I am going to use, but this purse size is more convenient as I am able to fit it inside my handbag..

Ok lah.. I admit.. Bought it because I like the appearance of it.. Besides, i am going to use it to jot down simple yet important whatsoever thingy inside it..

Eh.. out of topic suda.. supposed to be simple summary for the first pic only..

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