Entry Anak Kedek

Ariana Maisara Binti Zainuddin


Ariana – Penuh Kehidupan

Maisara – Ketenangan, Nyaman, Kemakmuran, Kekayaan


My name is Ariana Maisara… I was born on the 24th December 2009, just 2 days after my papa’s birthday.. at 9.14 am.. at Rafflesia Medical Center..

I am now currently at my grandparent’s residence with my mommy at Penampang.. I’ll be going back to Bintulu, where papa and mommy working somewhere in February..

By the way, this is my mommy’s blog.. I ‘menumpang’ her blog until I can read and have my own blog.. Blog Anak Kedek..~

ps: my mommy wants to go to 1 Borneo when she habis pantang..

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