Entry 1 jam baru siap..

Have u ever spent a big amount on just a single handbag?

How much do u really spent?

Do u asked for anybody’s (that is close to you like mother, sister, boyfriend, husband) opinion before purchasing the single-but-expensive-handbag?

erm… Just asking.. because there’s one handbag that I really fancy… eh correction, I really really really really really fancy..

I can afford it myself.. its just that Im not comfortable buying it without telling my husband.. huhuhu..

I told him about my intension this morning during breakfast.. FYI, I prepared a western breakfast for him.. see.. how I really am trying hard to ambik hati my husband..

Nasib jugak ndak tersembur the french fries from his mouth after I told him the price…

Then he started asking, what brand? from where did i hear bout that brand? why must buy something that is really expensive?

Then he started ugut-ing me by saying that he want to change the sport rim of his car, change his car’s engine and to buy that flat screen tv which I dont approve..

In the end, he said that I’m just making it worst.. setting a higher standard to myself, which then in the end, I am no more longer gonna use something that is below the standard of the bag.. alalala..

True what he said.. but i have evidence to prove him wrong.. but still, what he said might be true..

But after chatting with Ninaq Lyn in FB just now, makes me realize.. I do fancy the handbag and its my own choice whether I want to buy it or not..

But its just not fair for my hubby lah coz he’s been wanting to buy a PS3 since before we get married.. tapi semua on hold because he simpan duit for kahwin.. for house + isi rumah (coming soon my kitchen cabinet.. hehehe..).. for me, his greedy wife..

Really cost him a lot jugak lah.. and really not a good timing for me to purchase anything beyond my usual expenditure because we have additional family member coming next year.. yeayy..

OK lah.. not gonna buy that handbag..

I need to save up money to buy him a PS3 lah..

Lama jugak baru my entry ni siap.. sebab sambil-sambil chatting with Ninaq Lyn..

*My decision officially changed from want to buy the bag(awal-awal paragraph) to not to buy the bag (last-last paragraph)..

Actually hubby suda cakap ‘beli lah handbag tuh’ just before he tidur petang.. but i didnt.. And Im proud of myself for making such a mature decison.. I’ll reward myself with an ice-cream later..

Enjoy your day people~

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