during my offdays…

Lalalala.. penat~

My first day off, rehat2 di rumah ja.. 2nd day off, pegi team building with MLNG..

IMG_0631IMG_0633Sepanjang team building with MLNG itu di jalankan.. 

MLNG is one of our biggest customer.. So the team building was meant for us (Syarikat Kerang) to meet up and discuss few matters regarding our bisnes relation etc etc etc..

Ok.. enuff with that..

Then, I went back home after the team building session which lasted for half day..

At 4.30pm pulak, ada bocc team meeting.. so at 4pm, off I go to BIF lagi..

Quiet sad jugak because our last meeting was when arwah Roslan was still with us.. al-Fatihah..

After few matters arise during the meeting.. jam 6.30pm pecut balik rumah to get ready for CNY dinner di Highland Restaurant.. since that pecut pun jam 6.30pm, and jauh perjalanan from BIF to our house kira-kira 20minit, sampai rumah ja, kasi siap baby, I changed my baju then off to the dinner.. without even taking shower.. haha.. sampai di restaurant tu, my fellow collegue lagi lah jugak tidak mandi.. direct from meeting terus pegi sana..

                                           IMG_0637 IMG_0638

Ariana’s  first attendance to Syarikat Kerang punya dinner/gathering.. and also Ariana’s first CNY’s angpow.. hehehe..

Then cerita hari ni pulak, i attended the Sarawak Asset Engagement Session.. 1 hari punya function.. same venue with team building on the previous day.. Everly Parkcity Hotel.. which means 2 hari berturut makan hotel.. 2 hari berturut jugak nda jaga makan.. hantam ja.. haha..

and tomorrow Im going to BIF lagi (on my off day but i dont mind) because I want to register myself for the BIF BIGGEST LOSER.. yeaaahhh.. my company concerned about their staffs health etc..  so they are organizing a biggest loser peringkat BIF ja.. to compete among us..

So since that i am soooooo very excited.. tadi after dinner, terus kupas kunyit, blender, perah limau campur madu sikit n minum.. petua untuk kasi kempis perut.. besides, I already have my own sauna set at home.. yeaahh people.. I think I included the ‘have my own sauna set’ in my 2010 resolution.. hehehe… jadi achieved suda 1 more resolution..

Terima kasih kerana sudi melayan cerita yang boring..

PS: i think because of my kesibukan-ness, si Ariana misses me a lot.. tadi after I got back from the function, Ariana tidur.. after awhile she woke up around 5pm.. then she tahan mata sampai jam 8 lebih.. usually jam 6-7pm memang tidur.. time saya mandi n sembahyang maghrib, dengar suara dia nangis lagi.. time tu nenek & papa nya bertukar-tukar tangan memujuk Ariana, tapi masih nangis.. then I took her, terus diam senyum2.. urmm… sweet nya.. baby pun pandai rindu sama mummy nya.. hehehe..

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