DIY Bracelet and Necklace

During the absence of Enchek Kedek and mum in law last week, me & Ariana went to the toys shop very frequent. Then, I saw this one set of bracelet & necklace making set for girls. I admit it was a fun activity for mommy and daughter, but I dont really agree with the price of the set.

So I brought Ariana to the local craft supplies shop and bought these…


…and made our own DIY Bracelet & Necklace 🙂




Great & money saving.

Beads per pack : RM2
Every 3 pack of beads : RM4
Time spent & memories created : Priceless!


2 thoughts on “DIY Bracelet and Necklace

  1. eh..hannah baru2 nih minta beli rantai yg dia nmpk d cotton kids, rm15 lagi tu harga..lebih kurg ja mcm yg ko bikin nih..T.T

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