Choo Choo Train

When we went back to KK, myself and Ariana are not prepared for our themed colour for the family gathering. So a quick shopping was done on the 25th Dec at 1B and thank you for the SALE at Cotton On Kids!

Anyway, there were Christmas Choo-Choo Train, inside 1B driving passenger around at level 1. Ariana, who was a huge fan of choo-choo train insisted for a ride on it. But we were already inside Cotton kids. I force her to choose her outfit first, which of course, she refused.

I took 1 yellow blouse and asked her whether it is ‘cantik’ or not while holding that little girl’s arm who was at that time struggling to chase the choo-choo train. She shouted ‘Nooo!!!’

Not wanting to create a scene in there, I made a deal with her.

Mommy give you 3 choo-choo trains but we have to buy baju for you first, ok?

Her eyes shines as she saw my 3 fingers and said ‘OK!’

So, is this blouse ‘cantik’? Showing her the same yelow blouse that I held earlier.

She smiled. Her eyes shining. ‘Channntiiikkk!!!’

And we’re done 🙂

Oh.. The choo-choo train ride..

…and when I asked her to show me her happy face..

This is her happy face -_-“

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