We are finally going for our first oversea trip to Tokyo! MAS was on 2 days sale (and then extended to another 1 day) and we made a quick decision to travel to Tokyo.

The return ticket was RM709 and we just paid few thousand because we used up all Enchek Kedek’s accumulated Enrich points.

And since that it was quiet a short notice trip, I have to start planning now and travel blog really helped me a lot! Thanks you so much for sharing! (Will try to share their blog links in my next entries).

And I decided to share out my experience in planning and preparation for our muslim family trip with 2 toddlers & 1 warga emas to Tokyo.

As a start, our 7 days trip will only cover Tokyo.
The preparations are:
1. Hotel. We are going to used up Enchek Kedek’s SPG points to stay at any SPG hotel. And since that Japan’s rate for rooms is at least 20k points, and we need 2 rooms, we will also be staying at any cheaper hotel or homestay. Travel blogger suggested airbnb.com. I’ve downloaded the apps and currently looking around for Japanesse style homestay. Wanting to experience the traditional homestyle.
2. Food. I hope it wont be too hard to find halal food there because we can always get sushi. Its better than packing mee maggie all the way from Malaysia, while you can actually get proper food in Japan. Husband’s cousin went to Japan last year and she told me that to pack finger foods such as biscuits for the kids, in case they got hungry.
3. Medicine, or for my case, Essential Oils!
4. Insurance. One of them is TAKAFUL IKHLAS KEMBARA. But you can also ask from your insurance agent for other option.
5. Inform Malaysia Embassy. It can be done online at www.ekonsekular.kln.gov.my/en/
6. Passport. Make sure that your pasport is still valid at least 6 months from your travelling date.
7. Pocket wifi. We need to keep our phone apps online to be able to get directions/maps/google translate etc.

That is all that I can get for now. Will keep the list updated for future referrence.