Fairy tales and Folks Tales Character Day

Tadika Ariana ni best. A lot of activities. Minda berkembang. Parents pun turut serta. Ikut aktivity held by the tadika.

So last month, ada fairy and folk tales character day. Since that Ariana sudah boleh membaca, I wanted her to be the character of the book that she can read. Went to the book store and mula memilih buku yang costume nya mommy dapat jahit sendiri.. Hehe..

Setelah berungkus lumus dengan kerja last minute mommy pegi membeli kain awal pagi (jam 8 okaaayyy.. Nasib kedai sudah bukak), menghantar MIL pegi airport balik Sibu dan menjadi very full time house wife, akhirnya siap jugak costume ni jam 11 malam. Eleh.. Ingatkan sampai jam 3 pagi menjahit.


Tadaaaaaa… Oh patutlah sampai jam 11 ja menjahit. Very simple design. Asal memenuhi syarat emas-emas tu. So her character was King Midas. But she wanted me to call her Queen Midas. Baiklah.

Reading to her classmates.

Ariana with her Marissa and Mikhail.

Ok lah. Mommy puas hati walaupun baju tu ada besar sikit for Ariana. As long as shes happy. Oh ya.. I made the crown my self as requested by the queen, she wanted colourfull hearts on it.

Ariana’s school trip to Esplanade

Last Wednesday was Ariana’s first school daily trip to Esplanade, organized by the school. Since that it was on my offday, I took the chance to join in the trip. There were 3 buses which accomodated the teachers, kids and parents. I did not realize in the release form that parents can also join in the bus trip, so I drove myself. There were also few parents whod rove themselves. It was actually cute to see parents car tailgating the 3 buses. I bet everybody are very anxious and excited on this trip.


I didnt know at first which bus was Ariana on, but the bus that stopped right in front of me at the car park, was the bus that Ariana was on. I immediately saw her super-full-of-excitement face through my windshield.


Lining up as soon as they get their feet of the bus.













Their activity started off with a story telling, a round of walk by the sea side to observe, listen and fell the sea, sand and tiny creatures by the sea side. After that, they stopped for short break and continue on with building sandcastles, the most awaited activity by the kids.

From my personal view, it was a very good activity and great experience gained by the kids. But, it would be better if the local citizen are more aware of keeping our mother nature clean for our younger kids in future. We noticed a lot of litter along the seaside, eventhough the are many rubbish bin provided there.

How hard could it really be to walk to the rubbish bin and throw your rubbish in?

Overall, the kids had fun and enjoyed their day… And I got sunburn :/

How are you feeling today?

Last month Ariana belajar pasal emotion di tadika. Contohnya macam happy, sad, angry etc.

So, tiap kali saya suruh Ariana senyum untuk kena ambil gambar, mesti dia request untuk buat other emotions punya muka..


So.. This little girl wants to know, how are you feeling today? 🙂