Baby Wearing

As a heads up, here’s a few guidelines on choosing the right carrier for your baby. Source from FB Group Malaysian Babywearers.


So, it all started when Sofea was born. Bahaha.. Ok. Seriously. It all started when I started to shop for baby stuffs via instagram. The first carrier that I bought was Boba Wrap. Worn few times only indoor and once outdoor in an airconditioned room a.k.a shopping mall~. Sofea didnt really like it. Or was it me who didt really know how to wrap her.

Then, I bought Autumnz Ring Sling. Sofea ok pulak. But I dont like the material sebab panas. Maka, mula lah jari jemari scrolling up and down for new ring sling. A friend recommended Jumpsac. So i went through their website and found what I want but unfortunately sold out pulak.

Jumpsac Jacquard Damask in Turquoise/Fuchsia


But I bought this instead sebab pattern damask tu suda habis.
Rainbow BowWow Ring Sling

Tiada gambar full. Sipi-sipi ja. The best thing about ring sling is, bila baby sudah tertidur, macam Sofea lah. Tidur sambil ternganga mulut. Memang perasaan tidur dalam womb lah tu. Warm and comfy.

A week after that, long distance partner in crime in babywearing ni tag me in a fb post of Malaysian Babywearer FSOT page (for sale or trade). Ada orang mau jual dia punya jacquard damask ring sling, just like the one that I want. Tanpa berfikir panjang terus saya beli.


Akibat tanpa fikir panjang itu, I have to let go my boba wrap and autumnz ring sling. Seeing them lying around the house ‘un-usd’ makes me feel guilty. Managed to sell both and ready to serve their new owner.

Now that I have 2 ring sling, rasa mau hari-hari jalan supaya dapat babywearing. Keluar pergi beli beras pun asi.

DIY : Gel air freshner

Soooooo, tahukah anda bahawa gel air freshner yang di jual di supermarket itu kita boleh buat sendiri di rumah? Dulu saya tidak tahu, sekarang, saya sudah tahu dan mahu share dalam blog!

Tapi, saya cerita dulu sejarah macam mana saya boleh terfikir untuk buat air freshner sendiri. Kisah bermula dari salesman Honda yang beli carpet murahan dari supermarket yang sangat kuat bau getahnya untuk si Sharkie. Jadi, to get rid of that unpleasant smell, saya pun google for petua menghilangkan bau dan pergi ke kedai untuk cari pewangi untuk kereta, or at least something that can get rid of that smelly getah. Tapi, tidak semua air freshner ada tester, jadi saya balik rumah dengan kecewa. Then, saya google2 lagi untuk cari link to any d.i.y for potpourri. Kemudian terjumpa lah link2 ke blog yang share cara untuk buat gel air freshner sendiri.

So, bahan-bahan nya:
1. Unflavoured gelatin
2. 2 cups of water
3. 1 tablespoon of garam
4. Essential oil ataupun perfume pun boleh
5. Bekas yang tahan panas (sebab rebusan gelatin yang panas2 akan di tuang ke dalam bekas ni nanti.

Mula-mula, rendam serbuk gelatin ke dalam satu cup of water.

Sambil-sambil tu, rebus garam bersama 1 cup of water. Bila gelatin tu sudah kembang dan air sudah mendidih, satu kan dua bahan tu dan gaul2 dengan api perlahan.

Saya guna bekas kaca macam ni. Tuang beberapa titisan essential oil atau perfume (ikut citarasa) dan kalau mau gel tu berkaler-kaler nanti, tuang sedikit pewarna makanan.

Rebusan gelatin & air tadi tu, boleh tuang masuk ke dalam bekas kaca tu. Sambil-sambil tu, gaul hingga rata pewarna & essential oil tadi.


Biarkan selama at least 8 jam untuk pembentukkan gel.

Kalau google2 kan, banyak jenis air freshner yang boleh buat sendiri. Paling simple yang saya jumpa, a mix of baking soda & essential oil, macam ni..

Bekas tu boleh pakai jenis apa-apa pun boleh, but since that Im going to use this in the bathroom, so saya guna container plastik macam ni, and buat lubang atas penutup nya. Goncang-goncang bekas tu untuk keluarkan bau wangi.

So, selamat mencuba 🙂

DIY : Bed for Baby Dolls

I love buying dolls, specifically Baby Alive for Ariana. As of now, she already have 5 Baby Alive and bed-less. There are possibilities of them, taking over our bed, one day.

I bought 2 beds before this, but it was huge. takes up too many spaces. So I decided to make two beds using shoe boxes for the remaining bed-less girls.

With leftovers wrapping papers from the previous kitchen project, i wrapped the box and embelished it to make it look nicer.


And our bedroom was transformed into a hostel that night by Ariana.


One more super large bed for Ariana’s new Baby Alive.


Story Book Character Day

The moment I received the newsletter from Ariana’s kindergarten earlier this month, I was already happy to know that there will be a ‘story book character day’!

It’s gonna be Tinkerbell because I know that Ariana liked that character very much. But the problem is, I cant find any Tinkerbell book in Miri. Huhu. They were asked to dressed as their favourite character and to bring along the story book to school.

We went to Popular bookstore and spent hours in there and I finally decided, Red Riding Hood!

After that, we went to local fabric shop to look for plain eyelet white cotton, red checkers and red chiffon for the hood.

All was done in one day, after I fetched Ariana from school. How do I get her to behave the whole process? Here’s a hint. Baby A_ _ V_. Until today, Enchek Kedek didnt realize the new additional member of the real blonde Baby All Gone that Ariana been feeding with strawberry yougurt. Hehe. I told Ariana not to tell Papa, and she kept her promise really well.

Anyway, I started sewing for the costume 2 days before the actual Story Book Character Day. I used Avita Dress pattern for the dress, add up a detachable little apron, made her sleeve shorter with elastic to create bubble sleeve and used the red chiffon for the hood I used Ariana’s hoodies for referrence. It was actually my first time working with a non-cotton material and Im glad that I survived!

The fabrics.

My Little Red Riding Hood.

Cheeky ^_^


Rapunzel @ Wawa, Princess @ Tisha & Ariana @ Red Riding Hood. Rapunzel’s hair was made by her mum, Kak Ema using yarn. Creative huh?

After school, sweaty but still adorable.

Oh.. I forgot to mention about her shoes. Just one day before the character day, Lea Center had its annual half price sale and I managed to get one Mary Jane for just RM30+ and a Winnie Adidas shoe for school.


I am very well satisfied with her costume 🙂

DIY : Kitchen Set

I am sure that all you mommies out there are aware of the nice, size-friendly and great kitchen play set in the market are super expensive. RM500 for kitchen play set?

I was browsing through Amazon and thought of buying a proper kitchen play set for Ariana and actually fainted for few times after seing the price label. Well, there are less expensive, but it doesnt meet my criteria.

Then I started to google for ‘tukang kayu di Miri’. Hahaha. Yes. I was thinking of hiring a carpenter to build a kitchen play set for Ariana, but failed. No carpenter promoting their workmanship on the net. Pffffftt!

So I used google again to look for ‘kitchen play set’, and found few blogs showing their DIY kitchen. Just a few pictures to show you. Dont forget to close your mouth :p


(Picture source : Google)

And these are made using old tv cabinet.

Then I started to google for ‘used tv cabinet in Miri’ and again, failed. Haha. I texted Enchek Kedek abt this and said that I wanted to buy few plywoods and wood cutter to make a play kitchen. I am pretty sure that Enchek Kedek started to worry the moment he received my text. Hehe. Then I found a few more blogs giving tutorials on DIY Kitchen Play Set using cardboard and boxes. Score!!!

I started sketching and visualizing that dream kitchen in my head, and the next thing I know, I was already at the stationary store buying supplies for my kitchen project.

But, I only have the finished product of the kitchen because I didnt take any pictures during the process.

The overall view of my cardboard & recycled boxes kitchen play set for Ariana.





It was a fun project to be done with your children. Ariana did helped me sikit-sikit.

As long as you are able to visual the kitchen that you wanted, knows how to wrap a present and very determine to do it, start collecting used boxes, NOW!

I would love to see your own DIY kitchen set 🙂



I am soo happy now that I know how to do applique using my Esmeralda (read : embroidery machine).

So, what is applique?

My first applique. this design was bought from Etsy, and sewn by Esmeralda. This was my first try. Was very satisfied, and decided to make another applique on Ariana’s shirt.

I love doing appliques because of the outstanding result.

I bought handkerchiefs for Ariana and labelled it with her name using a free frame that I got from


Say GOODBYE to writting names using marker and say HELLO to applique!

And the latest that I made,


Making an applique using an embroidery machine is super easy, but cutting out scraps to make fine edges are a bit of hassle, especially when you dont own special ‘scissor’ for it. I havent got any of those scissor yet. My current small scissor works just fine.

One thing that I regret the most was, throwing away all my cotton remnants thinking that I am not going to use it. I did gave some to my mil for her to do her patchwork, but, wouldnt it be ‘buruk siku’ if I asked it back from her? Hehe. I’ll buy few cottons and turned it into remnants. Hehe

PS : I wanted to make an easy tutorial+picture on how to make an applique, or a video tutorial, if Enchek Kedek is willing to hold my ipad to record the whole process since that my camcorder has been stolen last year.

Ariana’s Babbies

Saya kan, minat main anak patung masa kecil2 dulu. Time umur lingkungan sekolah rendah, sanggup simpan duit untuk kumpul jadi RM10 dan beli sendiri look-a-like Barbie doll di Our Mini Market (satu kedai di Fajar dulu). Dulu-dulu tiada main Barbie Doll original tu pasal mahal. asalkan ada. Criteria pemilihan patung tu, paling bagus yang paling banyak baju supaya boleh tukar-tukar. Satu untuk pegi dinner, pegi kerja, pegi pasar beli ikan etc.

Fast forward ke sekarang, saya sudah ada anak perempuan yang sudah berumur 3 tahun 3 bulan, dan sudah pandai main anak patung. Saya lah yang paling suka sebab lama sudah tiada anak patung. Hehe.

Last year, I bought a Baby Alive for Ariana’s birthday present. Lepas tu, Ariana pandai tengok-tengok video review mainan di Youtube. Kemudian, pada suatu hari, kami pergi ke Toys R Us, Ariana terus sambar satu lagi Baby Alive. Rupa-rupanya video review yang Ariana selalu tengok tu betul-betul memudahkan Ariana in making decision which toy to sambar.

Look at the HAPPY FACE 🙂

Now that she already have 2 babbies, Saya fikir2, best ni kalau ada tea party set. Boleh main-main minum tea 🙂



Eh.. Did you noticed the new addition to the family?


I was looking at ebay for other available version of Baby Alive and just found out that Baby Alive wujud since zaman dolu-dolu and they are people selling vintage collections of Baby Alive in ebay.

So, three of them all together and Ariana named them SATU, DUA and TIGA respectively.

And since that Ariana hijacked all they throw pillows for her babbies, I decided to make a bedding set for the babbies.

Throwpillows and Ariana’s blanket.


Then next day, we (read: Me, Satu, Dua & Tiga) send Ariana off to school together.


And after that, the girls (read: Satu, Dua & Tiga) followed me to the Post Office, bank and craft supllies store.


PS: Ariana got a lot of toys from me this month, so she should at least fast from buyying toys for the next 3 months. Hehe.

PS: These Baby Alive pandai makan & minum & pakai diaper, but, I didnt tell Ariana about this yet. not until mommy knows how to sew baby’s cloth diapers. Bankrupt mommy beli pampers baby alive nanti.

DIY Bracelet and Necklace

During the absence of Enchek Kedek and mum in law last week, me & Ariana went to the toys shop very frequent. Then, I saw this one set of bracelet & necklace making set for girls. I admit it was a fun activity for mommy and daughter, but I dont really agree with the price of the set.

So I brought Ariana to the local craft supplies shop and bought these…


…and made our own DIY Bracelet & Necklace 🙂




Great & money saving.

Beads per pack : RM2
Every 3 pack of beads : RM4
Time spent & memories created : Priceless!