Selamat Hari Gawai!

Selamat Hari Gawai!

As usual.. Ariana’s kindy will have one day dedicated to learn, see and experience the Gawai celebration. Parents are encouraged to dress up their child with Dayak costume or Gawai themed outfit. Ibu-ibu haruslah excited kann.. hehe

Me and the other mommies went to RonReng, to buy stuffs needed. Me as usual, wanted to mengasah kembali teknik menjahit, bought 4 metres of Batik Sarawak to make a dress for Ariana. 4 metres because takut tersalah jahit.

Dress pattern cut-outs. I bought the pattern from etsy, which I have forgotten the seller. Ok I lied. Malas mau bukak balik Etsy to track. But if you really need to know, just PM me 🙂


This is the most leceh thing to do. But because I really need to sew this dress, ku gagahkan jua. But, once it done, I can re-use this pattern for Ariana’s Raya dress.. Christmas dress.. Birthday dress.. 😛


Siap jugak akhirnya. It was not hard lah actually. But it took me few days to finish it because I have small baby at home, who crawls very fast and really interested with sharp things in mommy’s sewing studio. Jahit sikit, tengok Sofea sudah pegang gunting. Jahit sikit, tengok Sofea sudah pegang jarum. Jahit sikit.. ahhh.. Sudahlah.. Nanti sambung jahit..


They made a cute mini ‘terabai’. There was a video of Ariana’s class ‘mengajat’and I saw how lembut Ariana’s movement was. Kalau mommy, jadi tarian robot sudah tu. So millenium of me ;P

May was filled with a lot of school activities. Visiting Petroleum Muzium, Gua Long House and Sports Day. Mau cerita lain-lain entry tu, when mommy is rajin lah k..

Fairy tales and Folks Tales Character Day

Tadika Ariana ni best. A lot of activities. Minda berkembang. Parents pun turut serta. Ikut aktivity held by the tadika.

So last month, ada fairy and folk tales character day. Since that Ariana sudah boleh membaca, I wanted her to be the character of the book that she can read. Went to the book store and mula memilih buku yang costume nya mommy dapat jahit sendiri.. Hehe..

Setelah berungkus lumus dengan kerja last minute mommy pegi membeli kain awal pagi (jam 8 okaaayyy.. Nasib kedai sudah bukak), menghantar MIL pegi airport balik Sibu dan menjadi very full time house wife, akhirnya siap jugak costume ni jam 11 malam. Eleh.. Ingatkan sampai jam 3 pagi menjahit.


Tadaaaaaa… Oh patutlah sampai jam 11 ja menjahit. Very simple design. Asal memenuhi syarat emas-emas tu. So her character was King Midas. But she wanted me to call her Queen Midas. Baiklah.

Reading to her classmates.

Ariana with her Marissa and Mikhail.

Ok lah. Mommy puas hati walaupun baju tu ada besar sikit for Ariana. As long as shes happy. Oh ya.. I made the crown my self as requested by the queen, she wanted colourfull hearts on it.

Pattern Testing : Nelia Dress by Popolok

I was invited for the 3rd time to join Alviana’s pattern testing for her new design, Nelia Dress. And I said YES!

Alviana’s designs are supported with coloured pictures which makes it easier because, there are “seamstress-words” that I cant understand. Hehe

Anyway, The Nelia Dress can be made up to your creativity. It can be a top, a knee-length dress or a maxi floor length dress. Sleeveless, long sleeve of bubble sleeve. Collarless, peter-pan collar or tie-bow collar.

I choose to sew a sleeveless, peter-pan collar maxi floor length dress. The fabric that I have in stock are very limited. So I have to squeeze my brain to think & visual a perfect combination of 2 fabrics.

Print, paste & cut out patterns.

Sizes that I used for Ariana’s dress.

I sent this picture to 3 person, to make sure that my eyes are functioning well on combining printed & colour blocking fabrics for Ariana’s dress.

And the final outcome…


The button that I used for this dress is a plastic snap button. I managed to get myself a set of snap button plier on the day before closing date. It is very easy to use, compared to the common traditional button where you need to handsew it on to your clothes and not forgetting the buttong holes.

I am satisfied with this finished product and wish to sew the other options for this dress pattern when I have more free time.

DIY : Bed for Baby Dolls

I love buying dolls, specifically Baby Alive for Ariana. As of now, she already have 5 Baby Alive and bed-less. There are possibilities of them, taking over our bed, one day.

I bought 2 beds before this, but it was huge. takes up too many spaces. So I decided to make two beds using shoe boxes for the remaining bed-less girls.

With leftovers wrapping papers from the previous kitchen project, i wrapped the box and embelished it to make it look nicer.


And our bedroom was transformed into a hostel that night by Ariana.


One more super large bed for Ariana’s new Baby Alive.


Story Book Character Day

The moment I received the newsletter from Ariana’s kindergarten earlier this month, I was already happy to know that there will be a ‘story book character day’!

It’s gonna be Tinkerbell because I know that Ariana liked that character very much. But the problem is, I cant find any Tinkerbell book in Miri. Huhu. They were asked to dressed as their favourite character and to bring along the story book to school.

We went to Popular bookstore and spent hours in there and I finally decided, Red Riding Hood!

After that, we went to local fabric shop to look for plain eyelet white cotton, red checkers and red chiffon for the hood.

All was done in one day, after I fetched Ariana from school. How do I get her to behave the whole process? Here’s a hint. Baby A_ _ V_. Until today, Enchek Kedek didnt realize the new additional member of the real blonde Baby All Gone that Ariana been feeding with strawberry yougurt. Hehe. I told Ariana not to tell Papa, and she kept her promise really well.

Anyway, I started sewing for the costume 2 days before the actual Story Book Character Day. I used Avita Dress pattern for the dress, add up a detachable little apron, made her sleeve shorter with elastic to create bubble sleeve and used the red chiffon for the hood I used Ariana’s hoodies for referrence. It was actually my first time working with a non-cotton material and Im glad that I survived!

The fabrics.

My Little Red Riding Hood.

Cheeky ^_^


Rapunzel @ Wawa, Princess @ Tisha & Ariana @ Red Riding Hood. Rapunzel’s hair was made by her mum, Kak Ema using yarn. Creative huh?

After school, sweaty but still adorable.

Oh.. I forgot to mention about her shoes. Just one day before the character day, Lea Center had its annual half price sale and I managed to get one Mary Jane for just RM30+ and a Winnie Adidas shoe for school.


I am very well satisfied with her costume 🙂

DIY : Kitchen Set

I am sure that all you mommies out there are aware of the nice, size-friendly and great kitchen play set in the market are super expensive. RM500 for kitchen play set?

I was browsing through Amazon and thought of buying a proper kitchen play set for Ariana and actually fainted for few times after seing the price label. Well, there are less expensive, but it doesnt meet my criteria.

Then I started to google for ‘tukang kayu di Miri’. Hahaha. Yes. I was thinking of hiring a carpenter to build a kitchen play set for Ariana, but failed. No carpenter promoting their workmanship on the net. Pffffftt!

So I used google again to look for ‘kitchen play set’, and found few blogs showing their DIY kitchen. Just a few pictures to show you. Dont forget to close your mouth :p


(Picture source : Google)

And these are made using old tv cabinet.

Then I started to google for ‘used tv cabinet in Miri’ and again, failed. Haha. I texted Enchek Kedek abt this and said that I wanted to buy few plywoods and wood cutter to make a play kitchen. I am pretty sure that Enchek Kedek started to worry the moment he received my text. Hehe. Then I found a few more blogs giving tutorials on DIY Kitchen Play Set using cardboard and boxes. Score!!!

I started sketching and visualizing that dream kitchen in my head, and the next thing I know, I was already at the stationary store buying supplies for my kitchen project.

But, I only have the finished product of the kitchen because I didnt take any pictures during the process.

The overall view of my cardboard & recycled boxes kitchen play set for Ariana.





It was a fun project to be done with your children. Ariana did helped me sikit-sikit.

As long as you are able to visual the kitchen that you wanted, knows how to wrap a present and very determine to do it, start collecting used boxes, NOW!

I would love to see your own DIY kitchen set 🙂