Work it out

I havent update my blog for quite sometime. I have soo much to update on my recent Personal Training programm, which already ended. Hehe. It was a 1 month training and currently I still continue with my training alone, utilising all the infos that I get from my personal trainer and also from google. Hehehe.


I did my training at Platinum Fitness Gym at Plaza 333. As much as I could, I will go to the gym at least 3 times per week for 1 hour.

While on weekends, I usually go to Bukit Padang for either brisk walk or hiking.


As for diet, i really struggled. Hard to explain but yeah, struggle!
And for the record, counting up from where I started my #misi10kg, I had already lost 6kgs.

Wheeeee ~

Misi 10kg

Recently kan ada viral sekejap about this one website that can guess your agae. then kita pun terus kunun2 upload lah gambar dengan harapan muka kita detected younger than our actual age.. kan? kan? kan?

Iya 😛

So saya pun tidak membuang masa.

Mula-mula update gambar selfie paling latest pakai Bokitta and contact lense kaler-kaler..


Age detected : 30
Terkejut macam tidak dapat terima kenyataan. Then tersedar, betullah 30. This year I am already 30 years old. Masih perasan 20-an (please lah Sheila..)

Then try upload gambar sebelum pregnant Sofea.


Serta merta dapat membuat conclusion.

10 kgs ago, I looked 7 years old younger.



So I started back excercising and detoxing hoping to loose all those flabby fatty. Besar rupanya impact main saja-saja teka umur ni kepada saya.. huh..