Away Day

Last week, I went back to KK alone for work. It was the M1 Away Day, where we’ll be away from work, but still discussing on work. Huh?

Anyway, here are a few pictures to share.








It was a 3 days activity, which I am not gonna share it here due to P&C and im afraid that you might get bored reading it. Hehe.

We stayed at Le Meridien and had dinner feast for 3 conservative days and I gained 2 kgs… Huhuhu.. But managed to get rid off 1Kg already 🙂

M1 used to be my ‘home, away from home’ so I know most of them there and I somehow missed the moments when I was still there. But, going back to offshore? No thank you.. Hehe

So that was it, my 4 days without Ariana. I missed her so much that I bought a lot of clothes for her because she’s been on my head the whole time.