Tokyo Trip : Accomodation & Transportation

Accomodation :

Our first 2 nights were at Sheraton Tokyo Grande. It is one of Disney Resort Ambassador and very nearby to the train station to Disneyland.


The biggest Sheraton Hotel that I have ever been to. They have chapel, pool, garden and even am arcade inside the hotel. We used up Enchek Kedek’s SPG member points to stay here so I dont really know how much does 1 room cost.

After our 2 nights stay there, we moved into a homestay which I booked via Here is the link to the house where we stayed :

We spent 5 nights there for RM2300++. As you can see from the link, the house is equipped with kitchen with kitchen utensils for cooking, fridge, microwave and my most favourite, washing machine with dryer. So we dont have to go to the laundry shop and spend 1-2 hrs to do laundry.

Transportation :


We fully utilised the public transport and our feet. Hehe. We bought a Suica card, and for the whole trip, we only used below 2000 yen. It depends on where your destination is. Since that we only covered Tokyo, it wont cost us much lah. Unless if one of you lost your Suica card somewhere after your husband recharged 1000yen. #nope #notme

In Tokyo Bay, the transportation arrangement was pretty easy. Sheraton is the nearest hitel to the Disney Resort train station, 3-5 mins walk only.




For our Kawaguchi trip, we went there by bus from Shinjuku Station. My advice is, buy your tickets at least few days before the trip. We didnt. Luckily the Japanesse are very punctual. We were put on waiting list for the 9.15am bus. By 9.08, they announced our number, which means there are 4 passenger who didnt show up and their ticket was burned. Will blog more about Kawaguchi in different post.


Till then.. more stories to share 🙂

Tokyo Trip : Food

So before our trip, i had been google-ing around to find tips on travelling with small kids in that big city. I know both my girls are easy to handle. Ariana is already 6 years old. Asal ada nasi, semua boleh jalan. While my 2 years old Sofea, suddenly have less interest with her susu kambing and now more to susu from kotak, makes my work easier.

So in term of food, my kids survived with rice and telur goreng for breakfast. There were times where I was not feeling really well (sajukk bah), i only cooked instant mee for them (guilty emoticon).

In one of the sushi restaurant in Ikspiari Mall

We usually had our lunch & dinner at the local restaurant. In term of Halal, there are quite number of Halal restaurants in Tokyo. All we did was Google for it. Two Halal restaurants that we went to in Tokyo was Sekai Cafe (Asakusa & Oshiage) and Sumiyakiya (Roponggi).



And in term of price, try to budget at least RM50/per head/per meal. Places like Omotesando, Roponggi and Ikspiari Mall (Tokyo Bay) are high end punya places. So having your meal here faham2 seja lah.

When in doubt, you can always ask the restaurant, or they themself will tell you like what happened to us in Kawaguchi. We went into one Tempura Restaurant which was recommended by google as a halal place. As soon as we got into the shop, they served us with water and immediately told us that they dont have any non-halal food there, but, all the tempuras are fried using lard and asked us whether lard is ok. How thoughtfull of them kan? Some other restaurants are also helpful sampai they took out their dictionary and translate things for us.

Alang-alang ke Tokyo, we went for streetfood hunting at Tsukiji Outer Market. Fresh tuna, salmon & mackerel! There are more interesting foods that looks soo tempting but we are not so sure of the ingredients. And since that it is a very busy market, it is not really easy to stop and ask them for information of the ingredients.

Those who can take sushi (raw fish etc), definately can survive and eat happily here while those who cant, will surely enjoy rice, steamed ommelette & miso soup (cc: Maisara & Sofea) everyday! Hahaha

Family Vacation to Tokyo, Japan


We went to Japan with the kids & my mother-in-law on the 10th October 2016, and juat came back last night 17th October 2016.

It was end of Summer and almost beginning to Autumn so the weather was like 16-17 degrees C.

More entries to come because I will make it part by part based on days and locations visited but specifically in this post, I will share our family trip itinerary.

Check in Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay
Dinner at Ikspiari Shopping Mall

Tokyo Disneyland

Heads to Tokyo
Nippori – Textiles Town
Check-in at Sumida-ku

Kawaguchi Station (1 whole day)

Sumida River Cruise

Tsukiji Outer Market

Tokyo Skytree
Sumida Aquarium

Narita – KK

All locations that we visited are child and senior citizen friendly :). We fully utilised the public transportation and and feet. (Good tips for feet : Buy Sketches shoes with Memory foam. InsyAllah you wont feel super tired on your feet).

See ya in next post 🙂


We are finally going for our first oversea trip to Tokyo! MAS was on 2 days sale (and then extended to another 1 day) and we made a quick decision to travel to Tokyo.

The return ticket was RM709 and we just paid few thousand because we used up all Enchek Kedek’s accumulated Enrich points.

And since that it was quiet a short notice trip, I have to start planning now and travel blog really helped me a lot! Thanks you so much for sharing! (Will try to share their blog links in my next entries).

And I decided to share out my experience in planning and preparation for our muslim family trip with 2 toddlers & 1 warga emas to Tokyo.

As a start, our 7 days trip will only cover Tokyo.
The preparations are:
1. Hotel. We are going to used up Enchek Kedek’s SPG points to stay at any SPG hotel. And since that Japan’s rate for rooms is at least 20k points, and we need 2 rooms, we will also be staying at any cheaper hotel or homestay. Travel blogger suggested I’ve downloaded the apps and currently looking around for Japanesse style homestay. Wanting to experience the traditional homestyle.
2. Food. I hope it wont be too hard to find halal food there because we can always get sushi. Its better than packing mee maggie all the way from Malaysia, while you can actually get proper food in Japan. Husband’s cousin went to Japan last year and she told me that to pack finger foods such as biscuits for the kids, in case they got hungry.
3. Medicine, or for my case, Essential Oils!
4. Insurance. One of them is TAKAFUL IKHLAS KEMBARA. But you can also ask from your insurance agent for other option.
5. Inform Malaysia Embassy. It can be done online at
6. Passport. Make sure that your pasport is still valid at least 6 months from your travelling date.
7. Pocket wifi. We need to keep our phone apps online to be able to get directions/maps/google translate etc.

That is all that I can get for now. Will keep the list updated for future referrence.