Balik Kampung

So, we arrived KK safely on Saturday last week. Hehehe. I didnt update my blog for few days and Enchek Kedek, my loyal blog reader, already complained yesterday :p


Our initial plan was to start our journey ‘sesudah Subuh’ because we didnt want to get ourselves stucked in jam. But what actually happened was, we missed sahur & Subuh and we woke up at 8 a.m T_T

Started out journey at 10-ish a.m and arrived KK safely at 6-ish p.m. Supposed to arrive earlier but stucked in a jam before we reach Papar. Our PM was there for majlis berbuka puasa bersama rakyat. All cars are moving slowly T_T

But, Alhamdullillah our journey was quite smooth due to no traffic jam (except for Papar area) sebab masih terlampau awal utk orang start cuti raya. Ariana slept half the journey while me & Enchek Kedek took turn to drive.

And yes, I already started my RAYA shopping for 2 days already! Wheeee~

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