Baby Wearing

As a heads up, here’s a few guidelines on choosing the right carrier for your baby. Source from FB Group Malaysian Babywearers.


So, it all started when Sofea was born. Bahaha.. Ok. Seriously. It all started when I started to shop for baby stuffs via instagram. The first carrier that I bought was Boba Wrap. Worn few times only indoor and once outdoor in an airconditioned room a.k.a shopping mall~. Sofea didnt really like it. Or was it me who didt really know how to wrap her.

Then, I bought Autumnz Ring Sling. Sofea ok pulak. But I dont like the material sebab panas. Maka, mula lah jari jemari scrolling up and down for new ring sling. A friend recommended Jumpsac. So i went through their website and found what I want but unfortunately sold out pulak.

Jumpsac Jacquard Damask in Turquoise/Fuchsia


But I bought this instead sebab pattern damask tu suda habis.
Rainbow BowWow Ring Sling

Tiada gambar full. Sipi-sipi ja. The best thing about ring sling is, bila baby sudah tertidur, macam Sofea lah. Tidur sambil ternganga mulut. Memang perasaan tidur dalam womb lah tu. Warm and comfy.

A week after that, long distance partner in crime in babywearing ni tag me in a fb post of Malaysian Babywearer FSOT page (for sale or trade). Ada orang mau jual dia punya jacquard damask ring sling, just like the one that I want. Tanpa berfikir panjang terus saya beli.


Akibat tanpa fikir panjang itu, I have to let go my boba wrap and autumnz ring sling. Seeing them lying around the house ‘un-usd’ makes me feel guilty. Managed to sell both and ready to serve their new owner.

Now that I have 2 ring sling, rasa mau hari-hari jalan supaya dapat babywearing. Keluar pergi beli beras pun asi.

2 thoughts on “Baby Wearing

  1. ju dulu masa Hafiy, ju guna ringsling.
    then pergi shopping di Giant. Hafiy nak jatuh terkeluar. terus ju tak berani nak pakai dah. hmm maybe ju tak pandai guna ringsling tu kot ?
    & bahu sakit lenguh lenguh.

    sekali je ju pakai ringsling, lepas tu simpan. sob sob.. what a waste.

    tapikannn yang rainbow bowwow tu cantikkkkk lah sheila ! ju sukaaaaaaaa sangat.
    nak cari kain warna macam ni untuk wrap yousef,..
    tapi susah. asyik jumpa plain color je. sob sob sobs.

    apa pun, seronok kan ada baby semula ? =)

  2. Yey terjebak…
    Tak lama baby besar sikit, ssc pula.
    I x pandai wrap so terus ssc ja. Now mencari for toddler. Baru order madame googoo

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