Baby sakit

Kalau musim raya, orang biasanya akan cenderung untuk terkena cirit birit di sebabkan oleh aktiviti ziarah menziarahi yang di ikuti oleh pemakanan kari rendang yang ekstrem.

Tapi Ariana tidak makan kari rendang ketupat tu semua. Kami cuma menukar jenama susu Ariana dari Nestle ke Enfalac, terus cirit birit. Sudah dua hari. Tadi sudah di bawak jumpa doktor.

Doktor cakap, cow’s milk is for cow, goat’s milk is for goat and elephant’s milk is for elephant. Whenever you started to give your child formula milk, you must be well aware that things like allergies, diarrhea, vomitting are common for them. That is why mother’s milk is the best.

So the doctor adviced us to get a soy based milk for Ariana. We went to CKS and get a small tin of isomil.

Sampai rumah Ariana o-oq lagi.. Masa cuci pakai air tu, she cried loudly. I checked her anus and there were rashes all over the area. Kesian Ariana. Lepas sapu cream and pakai pampers, non-stop lagi nangis.

I calmed her down by let her watch the Hello Kitty video in my phone. After several times, baru lah dia terlelap.

Then I started google-ing for information of baby with diarrhea.

Based on the information that I get, i managed to find the root cause of her diarrhea.

Ariana had cough last week when we were still in Sibu. Babbies doesnt know how to spit-out their mucus, so, when they cough, they swallow back the mucus. As we all are aware of, mucus contains bacteria and virus. Swallowing the mucus means, bringing the bacteria and virus to their digestion system which then causes the diarrhea. Stool from the diarrhea are more acidic than their usual stool and that explains the rashes around her anus area.

Ariana is now sleeping & I hope she will feel better after this. Kecian anak mommy..

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