Family Vacation to Tokyo, Japan


We went to Japan with the kids & my mother-in-law on the 10th October 2016, and juat came back last night 17th October 2016.

It was end of Summer and almost beginning to Autumn so the weather was like 16-17 degrees C.

More entries to come because I will make it part by part based on days and locations visited but specifically in this post, I will share our family trip itinerary.

Check in Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay
Dinner at Ikspiari Shopping Mall

Tokyo Disneyland

Heads to Tokyo
Nippori – Textiles Town
Check-in at Sumida-ku

Kawaguchi Station (1 whole day)

Sumida River Cruise

Tsukiji Outer Market

Tokyo Skytree
Sumida Aquarium

Narita – KK

All locations that we visited are child and senior citizen friendly :). We fully utilised the public transportation and and feet. (Good tips for feet : Buy Sketches shoes with Memory foam. InsyAllah you wont feel super tired on your feet).

See ya in next post 🙂

Little Pianist in the house

Last Saturday was the 23rd Kota Kinabalu Music & Dance Festival held at Rasa Ria Resort.

Ariana choose to play ‘Disco Fever’ and had been practicing since earlier this year. It was kind of hard with her piano still in Miri and she only rely on her piano class i.e once a week.

She had improved in her playing skills thanks to her awesome piano teacher, Sammie & Florisa of Beyond Music Kota Kinabalu music school.

During the 23rd KK Music & Dance Festival held recently at Rasa Ria Resort, Ariana managed to get Silver!! I was soo relief and thankfull because although I dont have any music knowledge, I know that she made a mistake during the competition, and confirmed by Sammie who was also there. But mistake was there to improve ourself and Ariana accepted it positively.


Hiit with ArianaSofea

While keeping up my life and juggling with work, family, kids and #misi10kg, I admit I am tired and also guilty for leaving the girls at home.

So today, I decided to do my routine workout at home with the girls. Ok. The decision was made because I didnt remember to pack my gym clothes. Hehe.

We did:
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Crunches
10 Burpees
..for 5 sets, and;

20 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
..also for 5 sets.

Then, I do 10 Lunges for 5 sets while Ariana busy with her hulahoop and Sofea korek-korek cari batu.. Hehe




So that is all for today’s #misi10kg with the girls at home 🙂

Work it out

I havent update my blog for quite sometime. I have soo much to update on my recent Personal Training programm, which already ended. Hehe. It was a 1 month training and currently I still continue with my training alone, utilising all the infos that I get from my personal trainer and also from google. Hehehe.


I did my training at Platinum Fitness Gym at Plaza 333. As much as I could, I will go to the gym at least 3 times per week for 1 hour.

While on weekends, I usually go to Bukit Padang for either brisk walk or hiking.


As for diet, i really struggled. Hard to explain but yeah, struggle!
And for the record, counting up from where I started my #misi10kg, I had already lost 6kgs.

Wheeeee ~


We are finally going for our first oversea trip to Tokyo! MAS was on 2 days sale (and then extended to another 1 day) and we made a quick decision to travel to Tokyo.

The return ticket was RM709 and we just paid few thousand because we used up all Enchek Kedek’s accumulated Enrich points.

And since that it was quiet a short notice trip, I have to start planning now and travel blog really helped me a lot! Thanks you so much for sharing! (Will try to share their blog links in my next entries).

And I decided to share out my experience in planning and preparation for our muslim family trip with 2 toddlers & 1 warga emas to Tokyo.

As a start, our 7 days trip will only cover Tokyo.
The preparations are:
1. Hotel. We are going to used up Enchek Kedek’s SPG points to stay at any SPG hotel. And since that Japan’s rate for rooms is at least 20k points, and we need 2 rooms, we will also be staying at any cheaper hotel or homestay. Travel blogger suggested I’ve downloaded the apps and currently looking around for Japanesse style homestay. Wanting to experience the traditional homestyle.
2. Food. I hope it wont be too hard to find halal food there because we can always get sushi. Its better than packing mee maggie all the way from Malaysia, while you can actually get proper food in Japan. Husband’s cousin went to Japan last year and she told me that to pack finger foods such as biscuits for the kids, in case they got hungry.
3. Medicine, or for my case, Essential Oils!
4. Insurance. One of them is TAKAFUL IKHLAS KEMBARA. But you can also ask from your insurance agent for other option.
5. Inform Malaysia Embassy. It can be done online at
6. Passport. Make sure that your pasport is still valid at least 6 months from your travelling date.
7. Pocket wifi. We need to keep our phone apps online to be able to get directions/maps/google translate etc.

That is all that I can get for now. Will keep the list updated for future referrence.

Jom Kurus sama-sama


Our Sunday hillwalking at Bukit Padang with Enchek Kedek.

Many months ago, i read an article on how to lose weight while breastfeeding and one of the point in the article was, NOT TO GET YOUR HUSBAND TO BE YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER.

And it was indeed, very true.

All the way up the hill, asal ada peluang untuk bercakap, dia akan bercakap.

‘Jangan terlampau slow sayang’
‘Bernafas pakai hidung sayang, jangan pakai mulut nanti penat’
‘Sikit lagi mau sampai ni sayang’ (padahal masih jauh.
‘Must lose weight. Must lose weight’
‘Sampai bawah nanti kitak jangan minum dulu k’

Seriously, I dont remember hiring him to be my personal trainer pun.

So yes. Thats how Enchek Kedek is. Bikin panas.

Nevertherless, we managed to finish the short trail. It was fun, except the bikin panas part but I still love you most.

So, Enchek Kedek has always been my motivator cum banker. He motivates me sambil kasi keluar duit so that I do all the excercises..

So for the record, from 87kg to 85kg this week with puasa (twice a week), gym (2-3 a week) and no dinner. 20kgs more to buang..

Back to KK

We, Kedek’s family are now back to KK for good. I was transferred to KK after last November re-organization. Feels good to be back home although I did feel heavy hearted to leave Miri after 9+ years.

Looking on the bright side, we are now closer to home. Closer to my family.

However, Enchek Kedek is still located in Johor. One more month left i think. He was there since Sofea was born.

Currently we are staying at my father’s house. Managed to get a rental house. Our stuffs from Miri arrived 3 weeks ago and I spent my weekend unpacking the 204 boxes, to get the house ready by mid May, when my MIL expected to come and stay with us. Few more boxes to go. Hopefully I have the energy to settle all the bixes this weekend.

Handmade Baby Shoes

I have a friend who made beautiful handmade baby shoes. She is very talented and located in Miri, Sarawak.

As of now, she have 3 designs which are Soft sole, Mary Jane and Toms Inspired.

Soft sole

Mary Jane


Toms Inspired

Haaa.. Imagine your cute baby wearing these cute shoes.. Cute kan? Cute kan? Mau nangis kan? Mau picit-picit ja rasa kan?

Head over to her Instagram acc blue_eyedmonkey and be prepared with overloaded cuteness of baby shoes.

Short trip to KL


Cuti sekolah yang lepas, my mom came all the way from KK to jaga the cucus while my mom-in-law went back to Sibu. Me, on the other hand, haruslah bekerja kan. Kerja shift tidak mengira Public Holiday.

Then, I planned to go to Johor untuk melawat kawasan but ngam-ngam Enchek Kedek ada course di KL. So off we go to KL. Empat hari ja. Cukup pendek.


This was Sofea’s 3rd trip to KL. 2 hours flight to kira panjang lah for a baby. I choose the noon flight. Ngam-ngam Sofea’s nap time so yeay, she slept for about 1 hour plus lah. The remaining minutes was spent on Hi-5. Alhamdulillah they have Hi-5 up in the air. (insert emoticon ketawa sambil menangis).

Kali ni saya mau share pasal hotel tempat kami tinggal. Good one. Sesuai amat untuk yang berkeluarga.


Aloft Hotel, KL Sentral.

Paling saya minat ialah the location. Kl Sentral. Senang dari airport either pakai cab atau KLIA express. Mau balik pun senang. Mas check in counter ada di KL Sentral. Lepas check in barang, masih boleh shopping-shopping dalam Nu Sentral. Bila masa sudah tiba, naik KLIA express to KLIA. Senang kan? Senang kan? Senang lah untuk orang jenis saya yang tidak biasa dengan jalan-jalan di sana.

Nu Sentral, shopping mall yang agak baru. Bangunan connected to the hotel. Haaaaaa.. Best kan sebab dekat. X payah naik monorail pegi Pavillion. H&M pun ada dalam Nu Sentral. Pegi Pavillion pun bukannya dapat beli barang sebab mim alif ha alif lam. (insert lagi 3 emoticon ketawa sambil menangis). So automatically, kalau sudah dekat dengan shopping mall, makan pun senang cari. Ada mee kari sedap di food court nya. Mangkuk besar RM5 sebab kami sama-sama orang Sabah. Saya rasalah dia kasi murah sebab kami speaking Sabah. hehe

Bagaimana pula dengan hotel? Bilang tadi sesuai untuk family.
Ok. Kami ambil 2 bilik. King size bed & the other room, double bed for my mom & Ariana. Sofea tidur di mana? Sofea tidur di sini.. muahahaha..


Kejam nya mommy, tapi comel lah bed tu. Actually, this blow-up mattress comes with…


So mommy is not kejam afterall. Saya pernah servay hotel yang sesuai for family di KL and i found a review from a well known blogger (which saya sebenarnya tidak kenal tapi dia banyak review hotel and selalu kena invite untuk tinggal di hotel supaya boleh di review..fuh..). So, this khemah and tilam are upon request and no extra charges.. Siok lah Sofea main tapuk-tapuk dalam tu time mau kena kasi makan. Nanti mommy pura-pura x nampak, dia jugak menangis ‘mamaaammm mamaaammm..’.

What about Kakak Mai?
Kegembiraan Kakak Mai di hotel ini ialah, selepas bersarapan dengan utensils yang memang khas untuk toddlers, boleh bermain dengan blocks yang memang di sediakan untuk toddlers yang ‘I dont want to eat. Im not hungry. Lets go to other place’ kind of kids, so that the parents can enjoy the breakfast buffet dengan temahak tapi bersopan santun.

Sebenarnya, ini ialah kali kedua kami menginap di hotel ni. but this short trip, saya tidak ambik banyak gambar. haha. Yang first dulu banyak.

Other things yang menarik about this hotel :
1. Food station at the lobby in case lapar tengah malam. Ada fruit, salad, cakes,snacks and Maggie..

2. Lobby bukan lobby biasa. Ada station for you to charge your phone. Ada wii. Wii games tu. Wii kah namanya tu? Games pakai sensor. Ahh x kisah lah. Yang penting ada dan everybody can use it.

3. Free and refillable drinks and snacks mini bar inside the room. Sebelum keluar shopping, saya tapau dulu snacks2 tu dalam bag. So kalau ter-lapar time shopping tu, ada makanan sudah. hehe.

4. Infinity pool!

During our first stay here, I was a bit disappointed lah with the service. Saya tumpang untuk simpan my expressed breast milk (ebm) in their freezer and kept reminding them to put it in the freezer everytime I passed it to them. On the day we were going to check out, I requested for my ‘frozen’ EBM only to found out that they actually placed it in the chiller. EBM rules, chiller for 4 days, then mesti masuk frozen. So all my EBM wasted lah. Sedih lah for a low supply mommy like me. BUT, this 2nd time stay, ada improvement. I managed to bring back my FROZEn EBM safely to Miri (insert smiley emoticon banyak banyak). So yes, its a BF Friendly Hotel in Kl. (<- sengaja ayat macam tu supaya orang senang google dan jumpa post ni :P) So, sekian review hotel ala kampung-kampung dari saya.

Happy Birthday Sofea

Pada 18 June yang lepas, bersamaan dengan 1 Ramadhan, hari di mana umat Islam mula berpuasa merupakan hari jadi budak kecik ni..


Simple celebration. Celebrated by us only selepas Solat Tarawikh. Celebration bermula dengan mommy mengeluarkan cake dari kotak, Sofea nampak dan mula berpusing mengelilingi meja mengejar kek dengan pisau kek nya.

Kakak Mai mainkan piano lagu ‘Happy Birthday’, kami menyanyi bersama dengan keadaan Sofea yang masih cuba mencapai kek dengan pisau kek nya.

Sudah potong kek, baru Sofea tenang..

Nasib sempat ambik gambar cantek-cantek.




Dear Sofea..

Mommy doakan supaya Sofea membesar menjadi anak yang berakhlak baik. Semoga semua yang manis-manis ada untuk Sofea.