Ariana & toys

Kami balik KK last week (that explains the sunyi-ness in this blog). Ariana dapat 2 sets of new toys.

This is Ariana with her another newly bought tin tea set. RM39 ja from Parkson.

Unplanned, tapi harus beli sebab Ariana was not in her good mood (lack of sleep sebab the whole day kami bershopping), throwing tantrums and all but suddenly being goody-goody when she saw this tea set.
‘Mai want this..’
Saya pun beli sebab tidak sanggup layan ke-tantrum-an nya lagi.

And te next day, same thing happens. Bershopping lagi and Ariana bad mood lagi. Brought her into a toy shop just to make her happy, no intention of buying anything for her, but she found something, dan saya terus beli sebab teruja juga dengan toys yang Ariana dapat tu.


Handy Manny ciplak punya toy set, RM15. Amazingly, she knows how to use each tools.

PS : This is an unplanned blog entry sebab Enchek Kedek bising sudah dengam kesunyian blog ni. Rugi ja bayar hosting.

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