Ariana & Spider

Ariana takut spider.. Hihihi

This morning, there was a big spider at the living room..

Showed it to Ariana & she screamed & decided to hide behind the sofa -_-”

Baru lepas mandi. Usually pakai baju depan tv sambil tengok cartoon. Tapi this morning, pakai baju belakang sofa.. Heeheh

Then I took a ridsect and kill kill die die the spider. Punya Ariana teriak.

Ariana : No mommy *mumbling* dont touch *mumbling* spider bite *mumbling* akitttt..

Then we sent her off to school and went to Tabung Haji to bank in Ariana’s duit tabung.. The pen that I used there was leaking and I have blue ink on my 3 fingers.

At home after school Ariana saw my fingers and said,

‘See.. Spider bite akitt.. Dont touch.. ‘


Btw, this is the mentioned spider..


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