Ariana & friends

When any of my family members or friends asked me whether it is okay for them to gendong Ariana, will she cry? Then I will definately answer, ‘She’ll cry, but you can try’..

Kalau dekat-dekat sikit Ariana sudah tunjuk muka takut, so jangan di teruskan lah. Sesi suai kenal yang proper mesti ada.

Tapi, since raya hari tu, Ariana sudah mula tengok banyak muka and jumpa ramai orang, she improved a lot.

She was chillin with her cousin Inden (yes..saya makcik si Inden..hanya pada pangkat ja lah). Both of them click at first sight. And I was indulging my choco super devil cake during the click moment.

And then, there was Chii, along with her ‘Beno’ metal pendant which happened to be the item-that-Ariana-just-cant-take-her-hands-off and yes, Chii menyusukan Ariana sambil Ariana memegang the metal pendant. Ariana must be like ‘i dont know who she is but i want this thingy’..

And then of course, my bestfriend Kajun came with her BB which Ariana also couldnt take her hands off..

Siapa lagi?

Of course lah nenek nya.. They had spent 3 wonderful days at home while me & Enchek Kedek went out dating.. Hehehe..

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