Another one..

I posted my 2009 summary suda..

tapi bila di pikir-pikir balik, almost all the highlights of my 2009 were unplanned i.e not in my 2009 resolution..

in fact, i dont even haf any 2009 resolution due to the non-achieve-resolution were bring-forward-to-new-year thingy..

okay, to sum up it all ,

  • I married a wonderfull guy.. Enchek Kedek, my very tall, not-so-dark and handsome-to-my-eyes husband..
  • Me and Enchek Kedek managed to buy our own house..!!!
  • I can cook!!.. sedap nda sedap belakang kira..
  • I work hard.. sometimes for 6 to 7 days straight and only get 4 days off.. which eventually gave me more experience plus extra knowledge in my new working environment..
  • I can understand and speak Melanau sikit-sikit..
  • I managed to clear off my credit card..
  • I managed to reduce 8kgs from my bodyweight.. but that is due to the endless morning sickness vomiting..
  • I also managed to gained weight until 78kg.. I was pregnant okay.. i used the pregnancy excuse very frequent so that I can eat a lot..
  • Im halfway to my 2010 new resolution.. I bought a lot of tudung,shawl,pashmina.. So you must know what my 2010 resolution is kan????
  • I hold 3 title in 2009 i.e Tunangan Enchek Kedek, Bini Enchek Kedek dan recently seorang Ibu kepada anak Enchek Kedek.. and Im loving it~

Okay.. tapi saya gatal hati mau buat resolution for 2010.. sikit ja lah.. which i think I can achieve..

  • Pakai tudung.. supply sudah cukup..
  • Save  more money.. referring to my number 1 resolution above, hair cut, hair perming, hair rebonding etc are no more applicable.. jadi boleh lah save duit..
  • Beli sauna set.. brapa harganya tu ah?.. If sampai beribu, nda mau lah..
  • Work hard!!!.. theres no such thing as Work hard play hard in my dictionary eventhough my company really really encourage their staff to do so.. sebab kami standby 12 hours.. erk!
  • err.. Work Harder so that my boss give me IPF yang tinggi and supaya dapat naik JG..
  • Since that I mentioned twice about WORK HARD, so at least to go for one holiday lah.. Kalau nda sampai ke Everest, pegi Gunung Kinabalu pun boleh lah.. Kalau nda sampai ke Hong Kong, pegi KL pun boleh lah.. Kalau nda sampai ke Bali, pegi ke Semporna pun boleh lah..

Okay.. soo long 2009.. welcome 2010..

4 thoughts on “Another one..

  1. sama kita ila. dream of bali. tp if nda dpt pg, mau pg semporna. sipadan, here i come!

    the sauna set. nda smpi ribu lah. i already checked!

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