Mau recap bah of what had been going on since my last post in February.

Since February:

We moved into new house at the end of February.


I gave birth on the 18th of April, to a baby boy, whom we named Umar. The name that we have choosen since I was pregnant with Ariana in 2009. Lepas 9 tahun, baru tercapai mendapat anak lelaki.


Went out to vote (with Umar) and PH won! 


Bought a new car due to safety for the kids, and also because we can no longer fit in a sedan car, with 2 car seats. 


Celebrated Raya in KK in the new house. 

42534CF1-2AA2-44A0-9E1C-F72E4B914B8DOk.. after all these uploded photos, now I know why I was very lazy to update my blog. Upload gambar pun tertidur-tidur. How?. Baiklah. Sis berjanji akan coba untuk rajin update blog.

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