And I am down with the famous flu & sore throat combo. Almost had a fever, but I immediately took panadol. I cant afford to have all three combo, at least for now.

Just recovered from my 1st batch of flu & cough about 2 weeks ago which actually lasted for almost 3 weeks. And now, here they are again.

After my leave the other day, went back to work for 4 nights shift direct. I know that my body cant handle it (due to pregnancy, easily tired, lack of rest, sleepless nights), but since that we are really in need of manpower, and the only person available was me & Len, redha ja lah. I made sure that I sleep well during the day, but that was my ‘plan’. My body decided to not stick with the plan. To spice things up, Ariana had cough and in just one night, the virus managed to attack me.

Any suggestion for home remedies to treat flu & sore throat? I’ve tried honey+lemon but seems like my stomach cant accept anything sour.

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