33 Weeks and counting

Believe it or not, hospital bags for me & baby are all packed! Excited? Yes. But at the same time, due to the lack of sleep, I tend to spend most of my time on the bed. Too tired to do anything.

So I started shopping for new baby clothes slowly since my 30th weeks. I did tried to recycle Ariana’s baby clothes but most of her clothes had turned to yellowish and some of her pants waist rubber hardened. So yeah. Shopping new clothes it is.

And only last week I started packing for our hospital bags.

Mommy’s bag.

Baby’s bag.

And one extra item,

Cord blood collection kit.

I saw Chii using ziplock bags to pack her baby’s clothes and I thought it was a good idea. So I did the same for mine.




Next is to wait for Enchek Kedek back from his 3-weeks course and to re-assemble the baby cot.

1 thought on “33 Weeks and counting

  1. Salam Sheila. My my… lama tak visit. Your last post was in early May, so I’m guessing you’ve delivered? Whatever it is, may all goes well. Selamat bersalin dan berpantang. Nice of you to drop by my blog just to tell me you saw my kids at KRP. Yup, they go swimming almost every week. I’ve been too busy to update my blog but am hoping to do it soon.
    You take care now. Jangan lupa update gambar baby eh? Ta!

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