Mau recap bah of what had been going on since my last post in February.

Since February:

We moved into new house at the end of February.


I gave birth on the 18th of April, to a baby boy, whom we named Umar. The name that we have choosen since I was pregnant with Ariana in 2009. Lepas 9 tahun, baru tercapai mendapat anak lelaki.


Went out to vote (with Umar) and PH won! 


Bought a new car due to safety for the kids, and also because we can no longer fit in a sedan car, with 2 car seats. 


Celebrated Raya in KK in the new house. 

42534CF1-2AA2-44A0-9E1C-F72E4B914B8DOk.. after all these uploded photos, now I know why I was very lazy to update my blog. Upload gambar pun tertidur-tidur. How?. Baiklah. Sis berjanji akan coba untuk rajin update blog.

Jujube Bags!


Ada apa dengan Jujube.

Honest opinion about the Jujube bags. I started off with a #hobobe and a #beset. 

The hobobe is a hobo bag, with many multifunctional compartments (slips-in) and pockets (mesh & zippered). Its adjustable messenger strap is wide enough so that you’ll feel comfortable carrying it, and also comes with an anti-slip pad for shoulder to prevent it from falling off your shoulder while you were trying to catch your running toddler in a mall. 

The Be Set is a set of three zippered bags in large, medium and small size. It comes with a sling strap and wristlet strap and convertable into a sling/wristlet bag. Your almost teenager girl can use it. Whenever your husband found your stash, or caught the innocent poslaju guy delivering your jujubes to your door step, you can use it as an excuse.

But why #jujube?

Things are properly packed and within your reach. You really have to agree with me if you have a toddler and a baby. Take my word for it. 

Apart from that, they come in beautiful prints, #tokidoki and of course #Sanrio, always and forever be my favourite prints.

The photo above is what I currently have when the picture was taken. A friend warned me that once you started, there will be no turning back, unless you wanted too.