Binikedek is back… (hopefully)

I spent certain amount of $$ to keep my blog up and yet, I didnt even have the time to update it. Pfft.

I didnt even managed to complete our Tokyo trip post and it has been a year already!

Baiklah, moving forward.. Enchek Kedek wanted Ariana to read my blog because I wrote a lot about her journey here. Btw, Ariana will be 9 years old this year.

As for Sofea, I captured most of her growing up journey/memories in my Instagram account @_binikedek_ .

And.. Jeng Jeng Jeng.. a new addition to the family coming soon somewhere in April this year. Yeap. I am currently pregnant with #3 and nothing much has change with the Gravidarum Hyperemesis. Hah!

Besides the new addition soon, I now have soo many ideas on what my next post will be. Till then!