Little Pianist in the house

Last Saturday was the 23rd Kota Kinabalu Music & Dance Festival held at Rasa Ria Resort.

Ariana choose to play ‘Disco Fever’ and had been practicing since earlier this year. It was kind of hard with her piano still in Miri and she only rely on her piano class i.e once a week.

She had improved in her playing skills thanks to her awesome piano teacher, Sammie & Florisa of Beyond Music Kota Kinabalu music school.

During the 23rd KK Music & Dance Festival held recently at Rasa Ria Resort, Ariana managed to get Silver!! I was soo relief and thankfull because although I dont have any music knowledge, I know that she made a mistake during the competition, and confirmed by Sammie who was also there. But mistake was there to improve ourself and Ariana accepted it positively.


Hiit with ArianaSofea

While keeping up my life and juggling with work, family, kids and #misi10kg, I admit I am tired and also guilty for leaving the girls at home.

So today, I decided to do my routine workout at home with the girls. Ok. The decision was made because I didnt remember to pack my gym clothes. Hehe.

We did:
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Crunches
10 Burpees
..for 5 sets, and;

20 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
..also for 5 sets.

Then, I do 10 Lunges for 5 sets while Ariana busy with her hulahoop and Sofea korek-korek cari batu.. Hehe




So that is all for today’s #misi10kg with the girls at home 🙂