Welcoming my 2nd baby

My baby turned me into a human-pacifier, so I have a lot of free time and decided it is time for me to update on my newly born baby girl.

18 June (40 weeks)

I went to Colombia Asia for my weekly check up. Before that, went to McD to have my breakfast.
During the check up, doctor did the VE and suggested me for a csec on 20 June due to :
– Baby’s estimated weight 3.3kg. (+/- 500gram)
– Baby’s head not yet engaged.

I was speechless because I was really hoping for a normal birth.

Did CTG scan and there are already few surges/contraction. Doctor insist on doing the csec on that day because she will be away on the next day and only available on Friday. She was worried.

Called Enchek Kedek (sambil menangis) and requested him to come back to Miri. Went to fetch Ariana at school at around 10 am and went home while waiting for Enchek Kedek to arrive from Bintulu.

I was told by the doctor to start fasting, so, no chance of Double Chocolate Ice Blended.

Went back to Colombia Asia at 2pm for the scheduled csec at 3pm.

Enchek Kedek was there sitting next to me in the operation room. At 3.58pm, a chubby 4.15kg baby girl was born. Enchek Kedek held our baby girl through out the operation.

What a long day.. I was there for check up, ended up have to bersalin on that day jugak. Although I have prepared me & baby’s items, but I wasnt mentally prepare for it.

The procedure was still the same. Inserting the tube for urine, spinal, cutting my belly, stitching back my belly and done.

Right after the baby was taken out of my womb, she cried. Loudly. After the doctor gave her to Enchek Kedek, she continued her sleep. Seriously baby??! Mommy was expecting at least few minutes of cryingfor taking you out of your comfy womb. Anyhoo, she had jaundice and we were only admitted at the 4th day.

New episodes begin.