Safety for Lady Driver

I wanted to share something for lady driver.

Earlier today, I was planning on to stick a ‘baby-on-board’ sticker on Sharkie sebab Ariana selalu travel around with me kan. The intention was, so that other driver will be extra careful when driving near my car, hopefully lah. So I told Enchek Kedek,

‘Kmk maok letak baby-on-board sticker’



‘Jangan biar orang yang ada niat jahat tau kelemahan kita’

Bila saya fikir-fikir lagi, ada jugak betul nya. Few cases that we heard on the news about kidnapping, robberry, murder happens at the car park where the bad person memang sudah aim. So, from my humble opinion, car sticker like ‘baby on board’, ‘lady driver on board’, patung banyak2 susun di dashboard kereta or kereta hello kitty (??), in one way or another, contributed to these cases. Of course, semuanya masih bergantung kepada takdir.

So saya pun padamkan niat di hati.

Another thing that I just figured out was about car tinting. Last month we went to a tint shop to do tint for Sharkie. Many choices lah. The tint that we wanted to use sudah awal-awal di survey oleh Enchek Kedek, dan di Miri, only one shop yang ada jenis tinted tu. So we went to the shop and request for price quotation. Sharkie ni, although its a salon car, tapi cannot be considered as standard salon, from our own opinion lah. Sebab Sharkie is a 2-door car, which means, tolak 2 tingkap lah untuk di tint. But, the tauke insisted on charging us with a standard salon size and the price he quoted was about RM900 more that the harga yang sepatutnya (sebab sudah di servay oleh Enchek Kedek). Kalau mau kantau pun, jangan lah sampai begitu banyak kan?

So Enchek Kedek challenge the tauke back, but the tauke sangat keras hati xmau mengalah. Last-last kami let the offer go lah and started to decide whether to go back to Sibu or KK to tint Sharkie sebab sana ada and harga di Sibu pun sudah kami ambil hari tu. Then the tauke tanya, ‘where are you from?’. Enchek Kedek jawab, ‘Sibu’. Kemudian, dalam suara yang rendah, I heard the tauke said ‘shittmannn’. Hehe. Kantoi.

Then Enchek Kedek cakap, if this price, saya tidak mau. In case you change your mind, you just get our phone number from Honda sales person (the one who recommend us the shop). Then we decided utk pegi breakfast dulu. Belum sampai ke restaurant, phone bunyi. But I was driving so x jawab. Sampai restaurant baru call balik. Its the tauke. He asked us to come again to discuss on the price. Hehehe.

Eh tapi this is not the main point here. Saja ja cerita2 sekejap. Ok. Dalam banyak-banyak tinted tu, ada jenis unbreakable. Macam contoh ada org mau pecahkan cermin kereta untuk curi handbag kita, cermin tidak akan pecah because protected by the tint. Tapi, again from my humble opinion, we are still responsible to take care of our own handbag and put it in a proper safe place to prevent this. Cases like accident or anak tertinggal dalam kereta, kalau tinted jenis unbreakable, kan memakan diri kita sendiri.

So the lesson here, fikir baik-baik before making decision. We took the unbreakable tint and my handbag is safelyput somewhere inthe car that cant be seen easily from oeople outside.

By the way, ada Enchek Kedek punya kawan kasitau long ago, that his wife punya breast pump (Medela i think) kena curi dalam kereta sebab breast pump tu punya bag nampak exclusif, mcm briefcase kah apa, which mengundang minat pencuri. So cermin kereta di pecah, breast pump di curi (???). Simple things like that pun boleh jadi penyebab kan? Terpaksalah simpan dalam beg plastik hitam lain kali. Tapi, kalau xmau pakai beg plastik hitam, boleh order custom bag for your breast pump from me at Maisara Marie Handmade Bags.. Boleh simpan thermal sheet juga supaya EBM tahan.

Aiseh sempat promosi.