Fujifilm x100s

Cerita panjang lebar on how I managed to get this new item has been told in my previous shopping haul entry. And now, I would like to menambah panjangkan lagi crita pasal this new gadget.

Pendek kata, Oh So Syiok!


I wanted a simple point and shoot camera and it has to be pink , but were given this out-of-my-league type of camera without guidance from Enchek Kedek because he himself have not tried the camera yet. So I ended up with reading the manual book during my 2 + 1 hour flight to Langkawi. Haha. The internet at the hotel we stayed in Langkawi was bad, so I didnt really have the chance to go look on the net for more info on the camera. I didnt use the camera on my 1st and 2nd day there, and only took it out after I have the fear of Enchek Kedek asking me why I didnt use that camera.

After series of randomly pushing the buttons, gone through the menus, try & error and finally, Dapat jugak ambil gambar cantek.



Gambar-gambar bunga ini di ambil dengan Auto mode. Segala-galanya auto. So this camera actually amat senang untuk di pakai, set auto pun, masih boleh dapat gambar yang seakan-akan pro. Dengan bokeh lagi. Dan bokeh nya sangat cantik.


Four Point by Sheraton, Langkawi. Gambar di sekitar lobby. Padahal 2 keping ja.


I used advanced filter -> ‘retro camera’ to take this picture. Saya tengok cantek. Enchek Kedek cakap, ada ghosting. Terus saya blur, ada peng-hantu-an? Ghosting ni seakan-akan cahaya putih yg keluar dari hujung2 subject tu. Dont use photography language to me, or else, i’ll use my dunia jahitan languange. Hehe.



This picture were taken using advanced filter -> ‘toy camera’. I was dissapointed at first that I didnt manage to get sharp images during the island hopping activity. After our first stop, inside the bumpy boat ride, I discovered (ayat harus lebih) this advanced filter application and used ‘toy camera’ because of its rich colour.

During one of our stop i.e eagle watching where a pakcik threw foods on the surface of the water, and the eagles came to get it. Betapa saya mahu menggambar helang-helang tu, but I cant zoom enough. Sampai hotel I told Enchek Kedek that I cant find the zoom features (which on normal camera, amat mudah di dapati) and told him how dissapointed I was.

Lepas tu Enchek Kedek cakap, “Camera ni memang tiada zoom features”. Even if ada zoom pun, the quality of the picture wont be good, unless u pakai lense mcm meriam buluh tu,


As what Enchek Kedek’s cousin just told me, “kalau mau zoom, zoom manually by feet” i.e use your feet to come closer to the object. Hehe. So basically, this camera sesuai untuk travelling, street photography.. Gambar yang ala-ala instagram gitewww. For my bags pun sesuai. Jadi, x lama lagi, gambar-gambar MMHB upgraded from ipad/iphone camera quality to x100s punya quality.

Another features that this camera has, and one of my favourite is..

Grayscale and only show the true colour of your choice. Actually ada beberapa colour ja lah. Merah, orange, hijau, biru..

Last but not least, haruslah ada gambar budak ni.

For comparison purpose, harga paling menawan hati Fujifilm x100s di Malaysia as of June 2013, is RM3500 with 8Gb SD card and one cool leather bag. Anything expensive than that, dont buy :p. And if you found anything that is lower than that price, check betul-betul because theres another same model, but without the S, i.e x100.

The leather bag/casing.

PS : Dear professional photographer, you might find the words that I used in this entry is funny and so amature, well, i am not a photographer and my husband made me to choose this camera!!! haha.. But overall, I am satisfied with it. So thumbs up!


Enchek Kedek said to Ariana,

“Mai.. This month is mommy’s shopping month”

…dan Ariana mengangguk seolah-olah setuju dengan kenyataan yang di berikan oleh Papa nya.

Well, I did spulrge more than usual this month sampai my sister, Ica said, “Why are you soo spendy?” after receiving continuos pictures of showing her my new stuffs via whatsapp.

Here’s what I spulrge on this month.

Skin Care.
I changed the products that I used again. Previously was Biotherm, after series of dissapointment with Lancome, Etude & Body Shop.

This time I go for local brand. My sister recommended me to use this when I went back to KK last month. So I used hers. Hehehe. I can see visible improvement on my skin, so I bought the whole set. It has been 1 month plus and I am still with Bio-essence Tanaka White.
Eh rupanya Tanaka ni sejenis pokok yg tumbuh di Myanmar & Nora Danish ada keluarkan product yang berasaskan pokok tanaka ni. I thought that ‘tanaka’ was connected to something from Japan. Hehe.

Sana-sini cerita pasal collagen kan, tapi saya tidak mudah lah mau terpengaruh, kecuali this one brand of collagen, Ephyra.

I first read about Ephyra from Kak Diana Green Apple’s blog. I think it was last year. And only this year I bought it. See.. Betapa susah nya saya untuk senang-senang terpengaruh. Haha. Actually, Ephyra punya harga ni mahal, sebab tu mengambil masa setengah tahun utk saya berfikir mau beli kah tidak :p.
So far, I can see the improvement, but, I had set my goal higher on something, and still waiting for the good result, barulah saya akan share here. Kalau tiada perkongsian di sini tentang Ephyra, means goal belum tercapai. Of course my skin ada improvement, kuku cantek, tumit kaki cantek, tapi semua tu obvious result that people get. Kononnya saya mau set higher goal because I did read some of the testimonials, and wanted to see the result my self. So every 3-4 days lah saya ambil gambar so that I can see the different, if any, dan photostream Enchek Kedek pun penuh juga dengan gambar-gambar saya. Haha.

The last bag that I bought was 2 years ago and since that, as we all are aware of, saya ialah penjahit bag separuh masa and I sew my own bags. But lately, I was very busy with other things and I need new bags bag desperately. Reason mau bag baru pun masih samar-samar. Tapi yang penting, mau bag baru. So I bought a few.

The first one that I bought was on Enchek Kedek’s approval! Ala you know lah the relationship between husbands and handbags/shoes/clothes. So, upon receiving the green light from Enchek Kedek, My face was glued to my ipad. Scrolling and surfing.

After I purchased the first bag, I was in dilemma. Saya rasa bag yang saya pilih tidak cantik. Tapi sudah order, payment sudah buat. Lagi dilemma. Maka saya meng-gam kan lagi muka ke ipad dan jumpa bag cantek. I whatsapped Enchek Kedek. Enchek Kedek ni kan, jenis yang tidak boleh terima kalau tiba-tiba dapat gambar sesuatu barang dari saya dengan caption, “cantek kan?”, tanpa mensyakki sesuatu. So he suspected that I wanted another bag, walaupun banyak kali saya deny. Extreme punya deny pun dia tidak percaya. So I admitted that I liked that bag, and he generously sponsored for that second bag. Naaaaa…. Huge grin on my face.

And the third bag was just a percubaan. Percubaan mengorder sendiri from the website. After consulting from a friend who is very arif in customs handling, I proceed with my order, not known by Enchek Kedek. A week before my third bag arrive, ada package for Enchek Kedek from Italy. He helped his friend to buy something from there. I was the one who receive the item at home dan amat terkejut tengok cas dari kastam. Mahal. Mau menangis because harga barang tu murah dari bag yang saya beli, tapi tax suda beratus. And that was the day I told Enchek Kedek abt the 3rd bag. He’s ok. Cuma kasi ketawa. Then he explained to me how the tax was calculated. I’ll try to find time to make another entry on guidelines of calculating the tax. The third bag arrived safely without custom tax. Pheww!


The 1st and 2nd bag (bottom row) was purchased from Princess Victoria Stylo. You can search for her FB page or blog. So far, her price are the best. I compared with other personal shopper, and harga diorang ada dalam RM50-100 lebih mahal dari si Princess Victoria Stylo. And she have a lot of ready stocks juga. For KKians, you can personally go to the shop in Wisma Merdeka, ground floor. Check out her blog for the name of her shop sebab saya lupa walaupun sudah beberapa kali pergi ke sana.

The 3rd bag, I ordered from www.coachfactory.com. Every week ada special price and you will be invited to certain event. Tidak selalu dapat invitation tu.

I just got back from Langkawi few days ago, and that is one of the reason that I bought this camera. Initially, I wanted a simple-not-expensive point & shoot camera and it has to be in PINK and I dont really care about the specs. That is typical me. But, I am married to this wonderful guy, Enchek Kedek and that ‘typical me’ does not applies on him. In fact, i was not even done with my survey on the net, he sudah gave me his suggestion.


And behind this camera, there’s a story.

So I suggested to Enchek Kedek to look for the camera around Miri town first. We didnt go to every shop, but I did called most of the camera shop and too bad, they dont have this yet. Need to order lah. No stock lah. Kalau order pun, harga mahal RM500 than Shashinki. We did our survey on shashinki dulu. Then I emailed to Shashinki asking whether they can send the camera before 14 June because I need to learn how to use it first. So we ordered from them, and waited for 2 days, still no updates on shipment. I called them again, and they told me that they dont have stocks for that item. Enchek Kedek called another shop in KL, and they dont have it too. According to the person, habis stock seluruh Semenanjung. Kemudian, saya gundah gulana sebab xmau bawak dslr sebab besar & berat & xmuat dlm handbag. Shashinki did a very good job, by refunding our money, as soon as I sent them my account number. Very very effective. We found 1 shop that sells this camera, in KK. To be exact, nama kedai Photo Saga, location, Center Point. We always buy camera accesories from this shop whenever we went back to KK. Belikan kawan pun ada. So Enchek Kedek called that shop and told that auntie that my dad is coming that night to get the camera. Hehe. It was already Friday night and I dont trust any courier service to send in my camera on Monday, and Tuesday morning is already my flight to Langkawi. Then there’s Naomi, a friend who worked in Miri, tapi balik KK every week sebab family & anak-anak masih di sana. She helped me to bring the camera by hand and passed it to me! Punyalah my heart beat naik & turun on those few days starting from the day we submitted our order to shashinki. Pheww!!

So everybody are talking about Pandora. Pandora is an European Charm Bracelet and besides Pandora, there are other brands that selling this kind of bracelet, and of course less expensive. I was on Etsy, looking high and low for nothing (cuci-cuci mata ja) and saw a seller selling charm bracelet. Scrolling and surfing, then I found Pugster. Pugster is the name of their brand, and if you look it into dictionary, it is actually a type of dog. Kan ada chihuahua, rotweiler, bullgod and pugster is one of them. Anyhoo, i surfing and scolling lagi in their website, and the next thing I know, I was already adding items into my shopping cart.


The last pair that I bought was last year Raya. I managed to get in back my old jeans which I bought before I was pregnant with Ariana. Pendek kata, ada pengurangan kilogram lah. Hehe. But I still need another pair. So I bought 1 Levi’s, and picked it up on the next day because I need to cut it according to my height yang tidak berapa tinggi sangat. So the next day, I went there alone after I send Enchek Kedek for motorbike class. Sampai kedai rupa-rupanya, ada past season punya jeans yang on sale, which I didnt see on the previous day. Harga murah RM100 from the one that I bought, and they have my size too! This is something that is really hard to resist. So I picked one. Sekadar untuk cuba-cuba. Selesa pulak. Hmmm… Tutup mata seja lah!

Then I told Enchek Kedek about the jualan murah.

“Ada lah ktk beli?”, he asked.
“Beli pakai apa?”, I answered.

The next day, I tried it on and showed it to Enchek Kedek, “cantek kan?”

So that was my shopping haul and stories behind it. I realize that I didnt always buy things, but when I do, this is how I do it.

Ein’s wedding :)

Hujung bulan 5, awal bulan 6 ialah musim kahwin. One of them is my bestfriend’s wedding, Ein & her husband, Aqbar.

Hari sanding mereka was on my first day off after working night shift. Maka, harus fuel up untuk prestasi pemanduan yang hebat.

Pegi stabak tanpa membeli red velvet umpama lagu tanpa irama.

Perjalanan yang sepatutnya hanya mengambil masa 2 jam, menjadi lebih dari 2 jam. Kondisi jalan raya yang dulu suam-suam kuku, sekarang umpama kuku di cabut dari jari. Sampai Bintulu lebih kurang jam 12. Sampai ke rumah pengantin jam 12.30. Memang datang untuk jumpa pengantin.

Gambar ini telah saya randomly pick without permission from Ein’s fb sebab saya tiada proper picture of the pengantin

Walaupun sudah pernah cerita di dalam blog ni, tapi saya masih mau cerita lagi sebab xmau pernah lupa.

Saya & Ein kawan sejak zaman politeknik. Start menjadi rapat sejak pernah sewa rumah sama-sama, pernah menjadi roomate di asrama & menjadi lebih rapat sebab saya training kerja di Bintulu.

Selalu pergi ke rumah Ein & bermalam di rumah Ein. Time saya pregnantkan Ariana dulu, saya tidak tahan dengan environment rumah yang saya & Enchek Kedek sewa masa tu, so, selalu pegi ke rumah Ein & bermalam di sana kalau Enchek Kedek kerja night shift. Family Ein semuanya sangat warm dan selalu buat saya rasa seperti sebahagian daripada keluarga mereka.

Suatu hari, 24hb Dec, selepas saya keluar dari operation room selepas melahirkan Ariana, Ein menelefon saya menangis-nangis untuk bagitau mak Ein meninggal pagi tu.

Tiba-tiba cerita sedih.

Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru dan semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.


PS : Ariana cakap Usu Ein cantek macam princess.