Pattern Testing : Nelia Dress by Popolok

I was invited for the 3rd time to join Alviana’s pattern testing for her new design, Nelia Dress. And I said YES!

Alviana’s designs are supported with coloured pictures which makes it easier because, there are “seamstress-words” that I cant understand. Hehe

Anyway, The Nelia Dress can be made up to your creativity. It can be a top, a knee-length dress or a maxi floor length dress. Sleeveless, long sleeve of bubble sleeve. Collarless, peter-pan collar or tie-bow collar.

I choose to sew a sleeveless, peter-pan collar maxi floor length dress. The fabric that I have in stock are very limited. So I have to squeeze my brain to think & visual a perfect combination of 2 fabrics.

Print, paste & cut out patterns.

Sizes that I used for Ariana’s dress.

I sent this picture to 3 person, to make sure that my eyes are functioning well on combining printed & colour blocking fabrics for Ariana’s dress.

And the final outcome…


The button that I used for this dress is a plastic snap button. I managed to get myself a set of snap button plier on the day before closing date. It is very easy to use, compared to the common traditional button where you need to handsew it on to your clothes and not forgetting the buttong holes.

I am satisfied with this finished product and wish to sew the other options for this dress pattern when I have more free time.

New nephew and General Election

Me & Ariana went back to KK on the 2nd of May due to :

1. New family member.


On the 1st of May, my sister in law (brother’s wife) gave birth to this wonderful, healthy baby boy named Mohd. Sean Harith. The first grandson in our family.

2. 13th General Election

This was my first time voting and it all went smooth. I was in Saluran 4 and the voting process only took me 5-10 minutes. No long que. Pheww!

PS : In conjuction with the GE-13, Maswings tickets were as low as RM13 (without tax). Bought 2 return tickets for me and Ariana for not-more-than-RM300. But since my leave request (the voting date falls on my first day shift) could not be confirmed earlier, so I bought the RM13 ticket on the 9th-12th May. But when my leave was approved, I planned to fly to KK on the 2nd May but the RM13 tickets were sold out. Checked Airasia tickets, the price were a bit higher than Maswings, closed my eyes and proceed with payment. So, off we go to KK!

DIY : Bed for Baby Dolls

I love buying dolls, specifically Baby Alive for Ariana. As of now, she already have 5 Baby Alive and bed-less. There are possibilities of them, taking over our bed, one day.

I bought 2 beds before this, but it was huge. takes up too many spaces. So I decided to make two beds using shoe boxes for the remaining bed-less girls.

With leftovers wrapping papers from the previous kitchen project, i wrapped the box and embelished it to make it look nicer.


And our bedroom was transformed into a hostel that night by Ariana.


One more super large bed for Ariana’s new Baby Alive.