Story Book Character Day

The moment I received the newsletter from Ariana’s kindergarten earlier this month, I was already happy to know that there will be a ‘story book character day’!

It’s gonna be Tinkerbell because I know that Ariana liked that character very much. But the problem is, I cant find any Tinkerbell book in Miri. Huhu. They were asked to dressed as their favourite character and to bring along the story book to school.

We went to Popular bookstore and spent hours in there and I finally decided, Red Riding Hood!

After that, we went to local fabric shop to look for plain eyelet white cotton, red checkers and red chiffon for the hood.

All was done in one day, after I fetched Ariana from school. How do I get her to behave the whole process? Here’s a hint. Baby A_ _ V_. Until today, Enchek Kedek didnt realize the new additional member of the real blonde Baby All Gone that Ariana been feeding with strawberry yougurt. Hehe. I told Ariana not to tell Papa, and she kept her promise really well.

Anyway, I started sewing for the costume 2 days before the actual Story Book Character Day. I used Avita Dress pattern for the dress, add up a detachable little apron, made her sleeve shorter with elastic to create bubble sleeve and used the red chiffon for the hood I used Ariana’s hoodies for referrence. It was actually my first time working with a non-cotton material and Im glad that I survived!

The fabrics.

My Little Red Riding Hood.

Cheeky ^_^


Rapunzel @ Wawa, Princess @ Tisha & Ariana @ Red Riding Hood. Rapunzel’s hair was made by her mum, Kak Ema using yarn. Creative huh?

After school, sweaty but still adorable.

Oh.. I forgot to mention about her shoes. Just one day before the character day, Lea Center had its annual half price sale and I managed to get one Mary Jane for just RM30+ and a Winnie Adidas shoe for school.


I am very well satisfied with her costume 🙂

DIY : Kitchen Set

I am sure that all you mommies out there are aware of the nice, size-friendly and great kitchen play set in the market are super expensive. RM500 for kitchen play set?

I was browsing through Amazon and thought of buying a proper kitchen play set for Ariana and actually fainted for few times after seing the price label. Well, there are less expensive, but it doesnt meet my criteria.

Then I started to google for ‘tukang kayu di Miri’. Hahaha. Yes. I was thinking of hiring a carpenter to build a kitchen play set for Ariana, but failed. No carpenter promoting their workmanship on the net. Pffffftt!

So I used google again to look for ‘kitchen play set’, and found few blogs showing their DIY kitchen. Just a few pictures to show you. Dont forget to close your mouth :p


(Picture source : Google)

And these are made using old tv cabinet.

Then I started to google for ‘used tv cabinet in Miri’ and again, failed. Haha. I texted Enchek Kedek abt this and said that I wanted to buy few plywoods and wood cutter to make a play kitchen. I am pretty sure that Enchek Kedek started to worry the moment he received my text. Hehe. Then I found a few more blogs giving tutorials on DIY Kitchen Play Set using cardboard and boxes. Score!!!

I started sketching and visualizing that dream kitchen in my head, and the next thing I know, I was already at the stationary store buying supplies for my kitchen project.

But, I only have the finished product of the kitchen because I didnt take any pictures during the process.

The overall view of my cardboard & recycled boxes kitchen play set for Ariana.





It was a fun project to be done with your children. Ariana did helped me sikit-sikit.

As long as you are able to visual the kitchen that you wanted, knows how to wrap a present and very determine to do it, start collecting used boxes, NOW!

I would love to see your own DIY kitchen set 🙂


One fine morning…

Nowadays, its easy to do self-portrait with Ariana. In case you are wondering, what I meant by self-portrait is, ‘camwh*re’. Dad saw I used this word before in my blog and immediately sms me and asked me to change it to a proper word because.. You know why… Hehe.

So, one morning, Im all ready for my 2nd day of Microsoft Excel (will blog about it) course and saw Ariana, dengan muka baru bangun but already in her happy mood.

Mommy : Mai, stand up. Take picture with mommy.

Ariana : Dino stand up?

Mommy : Ok -_-”


Me, Ariana and dee dee bo dee, Dibo Dibo deeeee… (Makan awan ommm nommm nommm)


Ariana’s best friend

Cerita pasal Ariana.

Dulu saya pernah jahit dress untuk Wawa, Ariana punya classmate. eversince that day, Ariana selalu assume dress yang saya jahit adalah untuk Wawa. Di jadikan cerita, last week saya ada jahitkan dress untuk Ariana tapi Ariana refused untuk pakai sebab she claimed that the dress was for Wawa. Pujuk punya pujuk, baru she agreed to tried it on and the dress remained as ‘Wawa unya dress’ -_-”

After she tried it on, I asked her to show it to mil. And bila mil nampak, bertalu-talu pujian di curahkan and Ariana pulak tidak suka. Tidak suka di puji sebab ‘Wawa unya dress’. Teruslah meraung-raung Ariana menangis. Saya on the other hand dont know how to handle her sebab suara raungan lebih kuat dari suara saya -_-“.

So I took off the dress and as soon as I did it, she started to calmed down. So I said,

“Mommy sik maok friend Mai because Mai sik maok pakai this dress”

And to my surprise, rupa-rupanya Ariana takut tidak kena kawan oleh mommy!

Muka menangis tiba-tiba bertukar senyum.

Ariana : Mommy.. Yes mommy, yes. Yes dress.

Mommy: Ok.

Ariana : No mommy, salah. Like this, best friend ever! (Sambil minta peluk)

“Best friend ever” was our favourite phrase when we hugged. Something that she saw from the tv and practice it in real life with me 🙂

Maka sejak itu lah saya tau yang Ariana takut tidak kena friend oleh mommy.

Then, me being me, test lagi to confirm. Hehehe.

Suatu hari, Ariana poo-poo and refused untuk kena cuci. Menangis-nangis. Erm.. Budak tu memang drama -_-“.

So I used the magic word, “sik maok friend Mai”.

Dalam tangisan, Ariana pegang tangan saya dan ikut pegi ke toilet untuk di cuci.

So confirm lah budak tu takut nda kena kawan oleh mommy.

*Kami tidak pernah takut-takutkan Ariana dengan mistik-mistik sebab nda mau dia percaya dengan benda macam tu. Tapi, oleh sebab dia tidak takut, jam 2-3 pagi, lampu rumah sudah ber-off pun dia masih boleh buat tour ulang-alik antara bilik kami dengan bilik mil.

*Tapi masa kami kecil-kecil kan, mama selalu kasi takut kami adik beradik dengan “momok latip” tapi masa tu, bukannya tau pun momok latip tu apa, tapi masih jugak takut. Then pada suatu hari, sedang tengok tv, ada orang kena interview dan nama orang tu punya nama ialah momok latip. Terus confuse. Mau takut kah, lega kah, susah hati kah. Hehe.

By the way, ini dress yang saya jahit tu.




I am soo happy now that I know how to do applique using my Esmeralda (read : embroidery machine).

So, what is applique?

My first applique. this design was bought from Etsy, and sewn by Esmeralda. This was my first try. Was very satisfied, and decided to make another applique on Ariana’s shirt.

I love doing appliques because of the outstanding result.

I bought handkerchiefs for Ariana and labelled it with her name using a free frame that I got from


Say GOODBYE to writting names using marker and say HELLO to applique!

And the latest that I made,


Making an applique using an embroidery machine is super easy, but cutting out scraps to make fine edges are a bit of hassle, especially when you dont own special ‘scissor’ for it. I havent got any of those scissor yet. My current small scissor works just fine.

One thing that I regret the most was, throwing away all my cotton remnants thinking that I am not going to use it. I did gave some to my mil for her to do her patchwork, but, wouldnt it be ‘buruk siku’ if I asked it back from her? Hehe. I’ll buy few cottons and turned it into remnants. Hehe

PS : I wanted to make an easy tutorial+picture on how to make an applique, or a video tutorial, if Enchek Kedek is willing to hold my ipad to record the whole process since that my camcorder has been stolen last year.

How are you feeling today?

Last month Ariana belajar pasal emotion di tadika. Contohnya macam happy, sad, angry etc.

So, tiap kali saya suruh Ariana senyum untuk kena ambil gambar, mesti dia request untuk buat other emotions punya muka..


So.. This little girl wants to know, how are you feeling today? 🙂

Movie Date

Last school break, Ariana & saya ber-movie date with Kak Ema & Wawa, Ariana’s classmate.


Kami tengok ‘The Croods’!!!


Best lah bawak budak-budak ‘watch big TV’ sebab diorang yang sangat excited. And movie yang kami tengok ni pun best.


Ariana behaved. No tantrums. Cuma ada bising sikitlah sebab excited tengok ‘big tv’. Yang paling best, Ariana x pandai makan popcorn so mommy saturang kasi habis that yummy caramel popcorn.

Since that she behaved, next time boleh lah bawak lagi 🙂

Easily distracted

Hari tu, on my birthday, Enchek Kedek tanya, ‘Mau present apa?’

Saya jawab, ‘belum mau apa-apa sebab baru ada Esmeralda (read: mesin sulam) so belum ada rasa mau barang baru’.

However, Enchek Kedek hadiahkan saya jam tangan Seiko sebab dia kesian tengok jam saya yang sudah hampir mencecah umur 5 tahun & sebab saya pernah cakap mau ada jam Seiko.

So secara logiknya, ada sudahlah hadiah birthday saya. Tiba-tiba, suatu hari jalan-jalan di perfume departmen di Parkson, dengan tidak sengaja pegi hidu-hidu perfume dan terjatuh hati dengan Marc Jacobs Daisy sebab baunya yang fresh dan tidak menyengat.

Then, cubaan meminta birthday present mendapat sambutan yang positive dari Enchek Kedek dan dapatlah ini.


Tapi point entry belum sampai klimaks lagi.

Ada 2 set yang SA tu offer. Each of it ada perbezaan harga sebanyak RM100. Kalau beli yg murah sikit tu, cuma dapat set itu yang consist of perfume, lotion & vial. Kalau set yang mahal sikit tu, dapat perfume, lotion and another small bottle (5ml) of the perfume…dan tote bag or pouch Marc Jacobs. Saya minat tote tu sebab cantik. Tapi banker bilang, beli yang set murah RM100 tu seja. saya runding-runding, nda pulak tu SA mau kasi. Terus saya buntu.

Then Enchek Kedek cakap, ‘Kitak tok mau beli perfume kah mau beli bag?’


See how easily saya terbingung sebab benda lain yang pada awalnya tiada dalam list pun?

Terus SA tu cakap, ‘Betul!’

Tapi lepas tu SA tu tanya saya, ‘You mau kah ini lotion sama vial? Kalau tidak mau, tukar sama pouch lah’.

..and that is how I get this pouch.


Ada kawan yang pernah kerja di department perfume cakap, kalau beli perfume, pejal ja minta free gift sebab memang ada free gift utk di beri secara percuma(??). Kalau dapat free vials tu pun rasa bersyukur suda. Tapi record yang kami pernah ada, beli DKNY Be Delicious, dapat free 1 tote bag, 1 toiletteries bag & beberapa vials